‘11-year veteran’ Rivers, “I will be like Conley Russell, Sabonis Halliburton” [NBA]

Austin Rivers (30) evaluated the trade of Mike Conley and D’Angelo Russell.안전놀이터

Minnesota Timberwolves reporter Dane Moore released an interview with Rivers on the 16th (Korean time).

Rivers talked about the triangle trade between the Los Angeles Lakers, Utah Jazz and Minnesota on trade deadline day.

Earlier, the Lakers transferred Russell Westbrook and the first-round pick (protected TOP4) to Utah, and Utah transferred Conley to Minnesota. And the Lakers got D’Angelo Russell, Malik Beasley and Jared Vanderbilt.

Rivers said the trade would be good for all teams involved. “Sometimes players move to a team that suits them better. “This is going to be a situation where both sides can benefit,” he said. “I’ve seen that in the trade between Halliburton and Sabonis,” comparing it to the Indiana Pacers and Sacramento Kings deals last season.

At that time, the two teams traded Domantas Sabonis and Tyrese Halliburton. Since then, the two players have perfectly adapted to the new environment and are leading their respective teams to victory.

Rivers continued, “I think I’ll get along well with Conley. He is not a point guard who prioritizes scoring.” “Russell did nothing wrong. It just didn’t fit well with our team and would suit the Lakers. Because they need his scoring ability,” he praised Conley and Russell at the same time.

As Rivers said, Minnesota has great scorers in Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns. So Conley, who focuses on saving his teammates rather than scoring, could be a piece that fits Minnesota.

The Lakers needed a player who could throw a pull-up 3-pointer after a two-man game and screen play. Russell recorded a 38.7% 3-point shooting success rate (7 attempts) this season and fully demonstrated his skills as a handle.

The Lakers also got Malik Beasley, an outside shooter who can score on his own, and Vanderbilt, a versatile big man. They could provide a new option to the Lakers lineup.

Utah picked up several first-round picks as it began rebuilding after the Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell era. In addition, there are Lauri Makkanen and Walker Kessler, who can play an active role as core resources.

Meanwhile, the Lakers ranked 13th in the Western Conference with a record of 26 wins and 32 losses (0.448) this season. Minnesota is 31-29 (0.517), 8th in the West. Expectations are high that the two teams will be able to prove that it was a “win-win” trade by advancing to the playoffs together, as Rivers said.

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