138km fastball and .474 batting average… The colorless and odorless foreigner duo became Lotte’s troublemaker.

They became a foreign pitcher duo whose strong point was missing. The pitching staff of the Lotte Giants is suffering from a foreign one-two punch that can’t even serve one person. 

Lotte is currently managing the early season barely without the momentum of foreign one-two punches Dan Straley and Charlie Barnes. The team is in the middle and lower ranks with 5 wins and 7 losses in 12 matches. Strayley and Barnes appeared in a total of five games and failed to win a single game. 7.71 ERA.

Strayley has an average ERA of 5.74 with 2 losses in 3 games (10 earned runs in 15⅔ innings) with 12 strikeouts and 9 walks, while Barnes has an average ERA of 10.80 with 2 games and 1 loss (12 earned runs in 10 innings) with 6 strikeouts and 9 walks. In the games where the two players started, the team stayed with 1 win and 4 losses. It is revealed through records and content that he is not contributing to the team at all. The average innings is barely above 5 innings. 

Strayley, who became the strikeout king with 205 strikeouts in 2020, did not intimidate batters with a velocity exceeding 150 km, but boasted a heavy pitch with a velocity in the mid-140 km range. In addition, he overwhelmed the KBO league by striking out more than 200 with the slider, which was evaluated as the best value in the league. However, Strayley’s restraint and power completely lost his former power. 

This is the average speed of the fastball that recorded 144.7 km in 2020 and 145.9 km in 2021. power was sufficient. However, the signs from the second half of last year were not very good. He rejoined Lotte and left an average ERA of 2.31 with 4 wins and 2 losses in 11 games, but his fastball average speed was 143.7 km, which was down from the previous two seasons. And this year, his average speed dropped to 142.2 km. In particular, on the 14th at the Samsung match in Daegu, he recorded a maximum velocity of 146 km, but his velocity and pitch decreased to the extent that a 138 km fastball came out. In the end, he was consistent with pitching that relied on his slider and curve changeup. Also, in the game on the 14th, a worried look was captured due to left hamstring pain.

Barnes, who made a soft landing in the KBO League last year with a record of 12 wins, 12 losses and an average ERA of 3.62 in 31 games메이저사이트, is suffering from unstable control this year. He walked 9 and committed 2 walks while pitching 10 innings in 2 games. Although he is a pitcher with a lot of pitches, he was a stable pitcher with 2.27 walks per 9 innings last year. He said that he was shaken in the second half (3.06) more than the first half (1.88), but the record that he said was shaken was a high-level figure in absolute terms.

Also, this year, he is showing the appearance of being beaten down by left-handed batters, not befitting the nickname ‘left-handed lion’. Last year, he posted a batting average of 2.2 6.571 OPS against left-handed batters. He was far ahead of right-handed hitters with an OPS of .686. The fact that he is an extremely strong pitcher against left-handed hitters was also Barnes’ identity. But this year, Barnes is rather beaten by left-handed hitters. The batting average against left-handed batters is 407.4, and the OPS reaches 1.126. The hit rate against right-handed hitters and the OPS of 1.033 are also high, but the nickname “left-handed lion” has become disastrous.

Foreign pitchers whose strengths have disappeared are leaving behind lower grades than native pitchers. The colorless and odorless foreign pitching duo had Lotte’s bullpen put in early every day, and they were already overloaded. 

Lotte’s pitching staff is not enough to send them down to the 2nd team and have time to readjust. And considering the amount Lotte invested for performance last winter, there is no time to relax. Even so, they have no choice but to wait for them to solve the problem on their own and change. If there’s no sign of that, maybe you need to make a quick decision.

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