2 people at the level of the 2nd division → from the Spanish national team’… Tottenham RWB substitute ‘successful’

It has changed from the English championship (2nd division) to the level of the Spanish national team. It has been argued that Tottenham Hotspur’s replacement of the right wing-back is successful and should have been done sooner.

A prisoner joins Tottenham. Tottenham said 먹튀검증 on the official website on the 1st (Korean time), “We are delighted to announce that we have signed Pedro Poro from Sporting CP. Poro will join the club on loan until the end of the season, and the contract will be made permanent in the summer. We have an agreement to sign,” he said.

The right wingback has been a chronic problem for Tottenham. Since coach Antonio Conte, who uses wingback tactics well, has been concerned about wingbacks in every game. In the case of the left wingback, there will be controversy, but it has been resolved to some extent with the growth of Ryan Sessegnon and the signing of Ivan Perisic.

The right side was different. Thirst was not quenched by any player. Emerson Royal, who played the most, was a factor of anxiety for the team whenever he came out with ups and downs, and Matt Doherty lost the dynamism of Conte’s early days after an injury. Jed Spence, who was recruited this summer, was not even trusted by manager Conte.

They hold captives and try to put an end to these atrocities. For Sporting this season, Poro played like a classic attacking wingback with 3 goals and 11 assists in 26 games. Poro, who also faced Tottenham directly in the Champions League, will now digest the rest of the season as a Tottenham player.

Regarding the signing of the prisoner, Tottenham experts also expressed satisfaction. “Tottenham had two wing-backs at the level of the second division. Now we have a player with experience in the Spanish national team and the Champions League,” said John Wenham, a critic of the British “Football Insider” on the 2nd. emphasized that The two second division level here refer to Doherty and Spence, who left the team this winter, who played in the second division.

He also argued that the prisoner should have come to Tottenham sooner. This is because the prisoner was Tottenham’s number one recruit from the beginning. “Tottenham could have prepared this deal during the World Cup,” said Wenham. “If the prisoner was the first target and there was a release clause, Tottenham would have had no choice but to pay for it anyway. Had he come in early January, he would have played Manchester City against Arsenal.” I would have been able to come out,” he regretted.

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