2022 Season 2 Crown’ Chuncheon Girls’ High School, the goal for the 2023 season is to pass the preliminary round?

“Passing the preliminary round is a realistic goal.”

The Chuncheon Girls’ High School basketball team was chosen as the strong player in the 2022 season. Although he was unable to attend the Spring League Match due to the Corona 19 factor, he won the long-term association and the term of the president of the federation in succession. The Weekend League King of the Kings also entered the semifinals.

Coach Kim Yeong-min,카지노 who is instructing the basketball team at Chuncheon Girls’ High School, said, “There were six members, and one of them, Seong Su-yeon, was injured while playing for the national team. We had to run the second half with five people. So the last was a little disappointing,” he said, looking back at the 2022 season.

Even though there were only 6 people in total, Chuncheon Girls’ High School was strong. It was because the positional balance was good, and the teamwork between the players was also good.

Coach Kim Young-min also said, “Even when we won, there was a structure between guard-forward-center. Also, the big man Park Seong-jin (currently Busan BNK Some) held the center. Even though there were six people on the team, we could take turns running. However, after guard (Sung) Soo-yeon was removed, that balance was shaken. I tried to create an alternative resource for Soo-yeon, but it was difficult,” looking back at the 2022 season.

Anyway, the 2022 season of chuncheon girl’s high school wasn’t bad. However, the 2023 season is not like that. worse than before Four freshmen join, but right now only five of them have to compete.

Coach Kim Young-min said, “Four freshmen joined the three current students. However, there are two freshmen from abroad. Two players can play from the second semester. For the time being, we have to hold the tournament with 5 players,” he explained about the roster for the Chuncheon Girls’ High School basketball team.

After that, “There is no big player other than Choi Ye-seul (178cm). There are also two players in the 160cm range. Here, two younger students play,” adding the players’ low height.

Coach Kim Young-min foresaw this situation to some extent. So he quickly prepared for the 2023 season. Coach Kim Young-min said, “I only practiced on my own because there were no people. He was in a situation where he was not even 3-3, so he only practiced physical strength, basic skills, and partial tactics. In addition, I started exercising early to increase the intensity of exercise in January and February and help the lower grades adapt.”

He continued, “I’m leaving for field training in Onyang next week. It’s 3 years of field training. There is also a lack of field training experience. So it seems that the players are nervous, and I also have a question. It is a question of how the players have changed. We have to figure out what to do through practice games,” he said of the Onyang field training plan.

Lastly, “There are no members, and there are many players in the lower grades. height is also low. It is a color that can be used for running basketball and wide courts. And passing the preliminary round is a realistic goal. If I’m really lucky, I think I’ll be in the semifinals,” he said, setting a goal for the 2023 season.

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