4 years old, but only 7 kg, ‘Mummy autumn’… “Please severely punish your mother and cohabitant”

As public opinion about the incident of a 4-year-old Ga-ga who died with a height of 87 cm and a weight of 7 kg is growing, the Korea Child Abuse Prevention Association urged “strong punishment” for her mother and cohabitants.

On the 12th, the Korean Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Abuse issued a statement titled, “Please severely punish Mr. A, the mother of Busan’s 4-year-old Ga-gul in the case of child abuse and murder, and Mr. B, who lived with him, as a ‘co-perpetrator of child abuse and murder’.”

The association said, “The victim suffered from malnutrition to the point of becoming a mummy while living in a housemate’s house for a long time and died. Regarding the alleged long-term abuse of the victim, he was not even charged with child abuse and murder because he was not a guardian.”

The association claimed that Mr. B was also responsible, citing Articles 3, 7 and 17 of the Child Welfare Act.

According to Article 3, Paragraph 7 of the Child Welfare Act, ‘child abuse’ means physical, mental or sexual violence or cruelty by an adult, including a guardian, that may harm a child’s health or welfare or hinder normal development, and the child’s guardian abandons or it says neglect Article 17 of “Anyone” stipulates physical abuse that damages the child’s body or harms physical health and development, emotional abuse that harms the child’s mental health and development, basic protection, nurturing, treatment and education, including food, clothing and shelter. Negligence is prohibited.

Accordingly, the association emphasized that “Mr. B, who lives with him, is an ‘adult’ and ‘anyone’ under the Child Welfare Act.” The association said, “(Mr. B) was a person who was in the ‘guardian status’ considering that his mother A went to prostitution or was involved in prostitution of A, so it was a kind of business relationship.” He insisted that he should be held responsible for and ‘punished as a co-perpetrator of child abuse and murder’.”

At the same time, he urged the Busan District Court to “punish the two people with the maximum punishment.”

● Feeding one meal a day with only water and powdered milk

Previously, SBS ‘I Want to Know’ , which aired on the 10th, dealt with the case of Autumn, who died of starvation due to abuse from his mother.

This case was revealed on December 14 last year when her birth mother A (27 years old) came to the emergency room holding her daughter in her arms.

At the time, it was her child’s development that caught the eye of the medical staff and the police. Ga-ri, who was 4 years and 5 months old, was 87 cm tall and weighed only 7 kg at the time of her death. His height was 17 cm shorter than the average of his peers, and his weight was 10 kg less than that of a 4-month-old infant. It was much more serious than starvation in poor countries.

Gae-gae was moved to the intensive care unit and died that day.

The direct cause of the child’s death was the mother’s assault.

According to the prosecution’s indictment, Mr. A beat her daughter from 6 am on the day of her daughter’s death. Mr. A assaulted her daughter, including hitting her head against the bed frame for repeatedly touching her own things.

She had a seizure around 11 a.m. when her daughter bit her bubble with her leg stretched out, but she did nothing for 5 hours and it wasn’t until around 4:30 p.m. body massaged However, her daughter died around 6pm.

On March 10, at the hearing of the 6th Criminal Division of the Busan District Court, the prosecution requested life imprisonment and a fine of 5 million won for A.

According to the prosecution, Mr. A fed the child, “I’m hungry, give me some food,” with only water and powdered milk once a day for six months, while she herself ate out casually.

In addition, Gae-gae, who died, showed symptoms of strabismus due to her mother’s assault before she was alive, and the hospital recommended optic nerve surgery, but no action was taken. In the end, her condition worsened to the point where she could barely distinguish the light and shade of objects, and she was virtually blind메이저사이트.

The first trial for Mr. A was scheduled to be held on the 24th of the same month, but was postponed to June 13th. It was because the charges of Mr. B, who lived with Mr. A’s mother and daughter, were additionally revealed.

Mr. A left the house with her young daughter in August 2020 because she could not stand her husband’s domestic violence. He visited a couple named B (28, female, arrested) who ran a chat room where they shared their children’s diet and started living together in September of the same year. A total of 6 people, including Mr. A and his daughter, Mr. B and his two children, lived under one roof.

According to the prosecution, Mr. B forced Mr. A into prostitution. All of the money that Mr. A earned through prostitution was taken by Mr. B. As a result of the prosecution’s investigation, Mr. B forced Mr. A to prostitution over 2,400 times from July 2021 to December 2022. It was an average of 4-5 times a day. The 124.5 million won earned in this way went directly into Mr. B’s pocket.

Prosecutors brought not only Mr. B (charges of aiding and abetting child abuse and murder, coercion of prostitution), but also Mr. B’s husband (29) on trial for violating the Child Welfare Act (habitual abandonment and neglect of children).

Mr. A’s trial date is the 13th, and Mr. B’s trial will be held on the 20th.

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