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In addition, he also invited students to dare to get out of their comfort zone and try to fight laziness in lectures and carry out more productive activities. As a new program within the Ministry of Education and Culture, it is believed that the Merdeka Belajar– Merdeka Campus program will continue to change towards its perfect form. Therefore, this technical manual is a dynamic guide that can always be improved, updated and updated according to the needs and input from various parties. Jakarta, PR BRIN. 카지노사이트his book discusses international trade issues related to Indonesia’s guide commodities with the European Union, which provides an overview of trade barriers that are … This activity was guided by the moderator, Alivia Eka Arianti who is a Peer Counselor at UAD.

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In addition, based on the results of online surveys, communication skills, teamwork and collaboration are also important things to develop. This talk show activity aims to grow and develop motivation in achieving optimum achievement both in the academic and non-academic fields while being a student. Mas Muhammad Iqwan Sanjani, M.Sc conveyed 3 important points in being committed to achieving achievements, namely the first, exploring oneself such as finding one’s own strengths and weaknesses. Second, finding the right and healthy circle is like joining a useful community.

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Jakarta– BRIN Public Relations. Regional Research Center of the National Research and Innovation Agency, is a research center established and assigned to carry out research. We hope that this book can be followed properly and is able to provide direction for the successful implementation of the Free Learning – Independent Campus program at Ahmad Dahlan University. The Governor of Central Sulawesi Leads the Central Sulawesi Province Monthly Ceremony coupled with Halal Bi Halal in 2022. PWMJATENG.COM, Surakarta– Lecturers and students of Informatics Engineering Education Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta collaborate with Desamind Indonesia Structure which is supported by the Pertamina Foundation …

This book aims to be a technical guide in implementing the recognition of student activities into term credit units, in every work device at UAD, both study programs, faculties, centers, institutions and other related units. In addition, this book is expected to serve as a reference for the development of an optimal, effective, efficient and quality Free Learning – Independent Campus program in accordance with the National Higher Education Standards. Integrating the planting of soft abilities through activities and practicing them in the learning process can help improve results more significantly. Several world universities such as in the United Kingdom have implemented soft skills into the learning process. In addition to soft skills, learning programs and lecture activities must contain work skills improvement content.

Ahmad Dahlan University as the best private university in Indonesia, is committed to providing the best service in order to prepare graduates who are ready to work and have global competitiveness. Through a series of Soft Abilities Training held at the main campus building, students are provided with training related to skills and career readiness. In an era of rapidly advancing technology, the industry needs university graduates who have the skills and readiness to work. Work-ready graduates must be competent in technical knowledge and competent in the soft abilities required to become proficient on the job. Soft skills are a set of skills related to the ability of how a person works and how a person interacts with other people.

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