“7 in 10 smokers say rewards of $100,000 or more help them quit”

Seven out of 10 Korean smokers said that rewards메이저사이트 such as cash of 100,000 won or more would be effective in helping them quit smoking.

In a recently released report, the Korean Anti-Tobacco Society surveyed 1,147 Korean smokers in 2018 and found that 69.3% of respondents said that a reward for successfully quitting smoking for six months would help them attempt to quit, and 68.6% said it would help them stay quit.

When asked how much would be appropriate as a success reward, 77.9% of male smokers and 78% of female smokers said “$100,000 or more” would be appropriate.

The Society suggests that “the government could consider converting existing rewards for quitting to vouchers or points to meet the needs of smokers who prefer cash.”

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