A high school pitcher who became a ball boy at Jamsil Stadium, started with the idea of ​​’earning money’, but had an unimaginable experience…’Permanent absence’ A ground where dreams sprout

I like the green ground so much, I resolved to earn money for dinner and transportation. Something unexpected is happening to a sophomore high school baseball pitcher who became a ball boy at Jamsil Baseball Stadium.

Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the afternoon of the 27th. Doosan Bears players were training ahead of the last game of the weekend’s three-game series against SSG Landers. However, among the professional players, a strange boy caught my eye.

A thin but stocky figure, a tanned face and short-cropped hair. Anyone can see that he is a high school baseball player. The young student played catch with the Doosan players and helped clean the ground with other training assistants after training. With a smile on his face, he greeted everyone he met on the ground in a friendly manner, which aroused curiosity.

Coach Kim Han-soo is proud of a baseball club student volunteering to be a ball boy.

SSG coach Cho Won-woo calls and talks with Ji-yoon Kim.
The identity of this boy is Kim Ji-yoon (17), a sophomore in the baseball team at Bucheon High School. He appeared as a pitcher in two games this year in the Golden Lion and the second half of the High School Baseball Weekend League (Game B). The 2023 high school baseball tournament, the last tournament of the phoenix, is in full swing, but Bucheon High School lost 3-7 in the first round against Wonju High School on the 18th, ending this year’s tournament schedule that started in March.

A short vacation was given to the players of the Bucheon High School baseball team before preparing for the next season with the sophomores as the main axis. At the age of wanting to play, he had the sweet taste of free time, but Kim Ji-yoon volunteered as a ball boy at Jamsil Baseball Stadium without hesitation.

Kim smiled brightly, saying, “I really like being on the ground at the baseball field. And I thought I’d earn money for dinner and transportation for the baseball team’s activities, so I got permission from my parents and applied for a ball boy.”

At Jamsil Baseball Stadium, which Doosan and LG share, 30 official ball boys are active. Two daily training ball boys and six game ball boys are required. Out of 30 people, the one who fits the schedule that day is put into the field. Kim, who first appeared as a ball boy last week, has not yet been included in the official pool of 30, but is a kind of probationary agent who is put in when the seat is vacant. He can be included in the formal pool only after he has accumulated experience.먹튀검증

After supporting the ball boy, Kim was put in as a ball boy for two games. However, on the second day, something like a dream happened. If you go out as a ball boy for a game at 6:00 pm, you can come to the stadium two hours before, but Kim went to work at 12:00 noon. As soon as we went to the field, Doosan Heo Kyung-min, Kim Jae-hwan, and Kang Seung-ho came to work early and were training.

In response to Kim’s polite greeting, the three players began to show interest at the same time, saying, “Are you a baseball team?” Was it unusual for a high school baseball player to come to work on a day off? Heo Gyeong-min handed over his glove to Kim and suggested that they train together.

The amazing experience continued. While Kim was playing catch with Kim Jae-hwan, pitching coach Kwon Myeong-cheol approached. Then, Heo Gyeong-min introduced Kim, saying, “I brought a good pitcher.” Coach Kwon Myeong-cheol told Kim to throw the ball and even gave him a one-point lesson on the spot. Then he took Kim and made him play catch with Doosan pitchers.

It’s not over. Choi Won-jun, who was going into the dugout after the pitching team training, saw Kim sitting in the shade of the fence, avoiding the scorching sun, and said, “Follow me.” The place Choi Won-joon took was none other than the ‘locker room’. Choi Won-joon’s consideration to cool off the heat was impressive. After looking around the locker room, Kim met Dong-ju Kim, who was holding a towel and shadow pitching at the indoor practice range. What Kim Dong-ju said to the boy with black hair in his courageous greeting. “Do you want to train together?”

An unforgettable day’s experience. On the 27th (Sunday), there were no vacancies, so he couldn’t play ball boy, but Kim came to the baseball field again. He gratefully greeted, watched drills, threw along, and helped.

Lee Sang-myung is receiving the ball from Kim Ji-yoon. Lee Sang-myeong, who also actively participates in social baseball activities, was pleased with Kim Ji-yoon’s ball, saying, “It’s bloody. It’s a ball that can’t be seen in social baseball.”

Kim Ji-yoon confidently said that her dream was “a permanent absence.” And the hope right now is to become an official ball boy at Jamsil Stadium.
The words of 17-year-old Kim, who responded to the interview, resonated in my heart. “Right now, I’m not a great player. So when I train, I always think I’m the last (of all players) and I do my best. I think training to the best is the most basic thing for me as a player.

” The dream of Kim who said ‘the best’ is ‘permanent absence’. And the hope right now is to be included in the 30-person capacity of Jamsil Stadium as an official ball boy agent.

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