A motorcycle that flew into the floor of a home… a sacred place for riding? Acrobatic Driving Sanctuary?

Accidents that occur while motorcyclists drive recklessly on downhill roads, so-called ‘riding holy ground’, continue to occur.

This time, on a downhill road in Daegwallyeong, a motorcycle that was running at high speed flew into the floor of a house.

Reporter Lee Ara covered the story.

◀ Report ▶

A family’s house next to the downhill road to Daegwallyeong.

The wall is hollowed out.

The entire living room window was blown off, and the inside of the house became a mess as if it had been hit by a bomb.

There is a black motorcycle on the floor.

[Gap-Sik Jeon/The victim’s landlord]
“I can’t see anything because my chest is stuffy when I come in. I’m still shaking so I can’t say anything.”

The motorcycle, unable to slow down from the curved road, rushed into the house about 100 meters away.

The speed limit on the local road where the accident메이저사이트 occurred is 50 km/h.

However, it is known that the motorcyclist ran at high speed and caused the accident because he could not brake on the curved road.

Fortunately, the family members who were out of town were not hurt, and the motorcyclist, who was wearing a helmet and protective equipment, was not hurt.

However, the roaring motorbikes and sports cars that make acrobatic driving every day keep the villagers in suspense.

[Kim Soon-deok/Village Resident]
“I can hear the sound of the brakes squeaking and coming… It seems to be worse than the noise of an airplane, and I get a lot of stress.”

In fact, a sports car that slipped on a downhill road last year pushed into the yard of the house.

Daegwallyeong Old Road, the so-called holy place for riding, is a 15km long downhill road with sharp curves, attracting motorcycles and sports cars.

[Motorcycle club member]
“This Daegwallyeong old road course is moderate in difficulty and not difficult compared to other courses.

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