A no-hitter was canceled in the 9th inning with 2 outs… SF Alex Cobb, instead of a no-hitter, won a complete game with 131 pitches

San Francisco Giants Alex Cobb (36) failed to conquer the no-hitter hill in the ninth inning with two outs. He had to settle for a 131-pitch complete game instead.

Cobb started the game against the Cincinnati Reds in the ‘2023 Major League’ held at Oracle Park in San Francisco, California on the 30th, and is recording an average ERA of 3.74 with 6 wins and 5 losses in 25 games this season

. was Cobb. In August, it was sluggish with an average ERA of 6.84 (20 ERA in 26⅓ innings) in 5 games before the game that day. However, upon awakening on this day, Cobb succeeded in rebounding with a fighting spirit comparable to that of a no-hitter.

On this day, Cobb continued his perfect pitching. In the first inning, he easily cooked TJ Prindle with a fly ball to left field, Spencer Steer with a ground ball to third baseman, and Eli Dela Cruz with a ground ball to second baseman. In the second inning, he struck out Nick Martini with a fly ball from center fielder, Tyler S. Stevenson with a ground ball from shortstop, and Christian Encarnacion-Strand with a strikeout. In the 3rd inning, Will Benson struck out center fielder Floating Ball and Noel B Marte. The streak of consecutive beatings continued.

However, after two outs in the third inning, third baseman Casey Schmidt made a mistake by throwing Nick Senzel’s batted ball. He caught the batted ball with ease, but the throw was high. However, Frindl was treated as a ground ball to the second baseman to finish the third inning. 메이저사이트

From the 4th through the 8th, Cobb did not allow a single hit or walk. The tension of the no-hitter continued. After two outs in the 8th inning, center fielder Austin Slater kicked off Benson’s left-center hit with a diving catch, helping Cobb’s no-hitter streak.

In the long-awaited ninth inning, lead batter Marte handled it as a floating ball in right field. However, he walked Senzel after one out and allowed his first on base other than an error. However, he regained his composure and handled Prindle as a fly ball in right field. 2 out. However, after two shots, Steer got a double at the right time and was hit. All opportunities for a no-hitter and shutout went away as he gave up a well-hit double that exceeded the height of the right fielder.

However, after a full count match against Dera Cruz, he struck out and completed a complete victory. He ended the game himself with a fighting spirit throwing a whopping 131 pitches.

According to ESPN Stats & Info, ‘Alex Cobb is the third pitcher to have a no-hitter with one out in the past five seasons. It was previously recorded by Dylan Siege and Miles Micholas.”

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