‘A total of 63 teams participated’ Korea Tour Seoul Opening

The Korea Tour, which represents Korea’s 3×3메이저사이트, has opened its doors.

The ‘KBA 3×3 KOREA TOUR 2022 1st Seoul Tournament’ hosted by the Korea Basketball Association was held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Seoul on the 15th.

The competition, which was scheduled to be held at the plaza in front of the Seoul Shinmunsa, was relocated to the Jamsil Student Gymnasium due to a forecast of rain.

The Korea Tour, a 3×3 event representing Korea, held its first tournament in the 2023 season, with a total of 63 teams participating. (Elementary school/middle school/high school/open division men’s, women’s/league division men’s and women’s 7 divisions) Not only did the number of

men’s teams participating in the league increase compared to last year, but the women’s business team also participated in the league and added competitiveness. 

An official from the Basketball Association 3×3 said, “It is a positive sign that the number of teams participating in the league division and the unemployment team participating are positive. We will create a wealth so that we can have a 3×3 league.”

The Basketball Association aims to have 12 teams in the men’s league division and 9 teams in the women’s league division in the future.

In addition, 3×3 was adopted as a demonstration event at the ‘104th National Sports Festival’ to be held in October, and the importance of the Korea Tour has changed from before. You must participate in the Korea Tour to qualify for the 3×3 National Sports Festival.

Master-wook Lee Dong-yoon said, “As a person who likes and enjoys 3×3, it feels good to be able to participate in the National Sports Festival. However, there are many people who are curious about the details. I hope that this part will be announced soon.”

The Korea Basketball Association plans to notify each provincial basketball association of the relevant information and send an official letter of cooperation.

All games will be broadcast live through the Korea Basketball Association YouTube, and some games will be broadcast live through Naver Sports. The tournament is hosted by the Korea Basketball Association, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, National Sports Promotion Foundation, IS Dongseo, and Seoul Newspaper.

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