After the anesthesia wears off, “I have to go to play,” ‘Mat Dong-nim’ only thought about baseball 

“How long is batting practice? Crony (nickname of Jake Cronenworth) I have to go play fungo…” The

first thing Matt Williams (58), third base coach of the San Diego Padres said after waking up from anesthesia, was nothing else, but worried about training.

“I don’t know why I said that. I don’t remember at all, but my family took a video and showed it to me. I guess he really wanted to come back.”

On the 14th (Korean time), Coach Williams, who met with reporters at Petco Park in San Diego, California, USA, said this with a shy smile.

Coach Williams was diagnosed with colon cancer ahead of the season opener and underwent surgery to treat it. Today was the first day he returned to work after his surgery.

“The surgery went very well. The doctor said that all of the cancer cells were removed,” he said, revealing the progress of the surgery. “It’s good to be able to come back and help the team,” he said with a bright smile.

He has returned to work, but his role is still limited. “For at least the next four weeks, he won’t be able to coach third base or hit fungo until the injury heals. However, he will definitely have other roles,” he said, announcing that he will be taking on other roles토스카지노.

Although his surgery was successful, he said he “still has a long way to go”. He said, “All the tumors have been removed, but they are close to lymph nodes or blood vessels, so (cancer cells) may still be wandering around in the body.”

“It will be a long-term process. So far satisfied. Currently, I am investigating whether my disease has a genetic possibility. This is a serious problem for families as well. We want our children to know about this problem. I am going to meet the doctor tomorrow, and I hope that he will give permission to go on an expedition together on the spot.”

It must have been a great pain to be away from the baseball field for him who has lived as a baseball player for the rest of his life. He said, “It’s really hard when I can’t do this job,” and expressed the regret he felt when he left his seat, and also revealed his will, “I hope this won’t happen again.”

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