All about Shohei Ohtani, written by MLB commentator… Include the story behind the record

 Brainstore’s ‘Player’ series메이저사이트, which explores in depth one player representing the era and generation, deals with a baseball player as the main character for the first time.

Launched in August 2021, the series aims to introduce athletes from various sports in detail. In May 2023, the baseball player is introduced for the first time in the series for the time of baseball’s return.

‘Shohei Ohtani – Player 11’ is not a book that focuses on the career of a baseball player named Ohtani, but only illuminates and analyzes his performance in the game. Shoheira Ohtani focuses on the growth and career of a baseball player, but never focuses on the numbers he has achieved.

Baseball is life, and life is baseball, and his story is introduced by two baseball experts, columnist Son Yoon and Spotify Major League commentator Han Seung-hoon.

In the book, Ohtani’s growth period, the story of Nippon Professional Baseball, the process of moving to the major leagues, and the development of the major leagues until becoming the best player are well organized and described. Another advantage is that you can meet Ohtani’s dynamic photos.

Ohtani’s life in Japan was compiled by Son Yun, a baseball columnist. Columnist Son Yoon co-operates Naver’s ‘Evening Run’, which deals with amateur baseball and more. Reporter Koichi Kimura translated ‘Yakyu Report’, which was serialized on Naver, and ‘What is a manager’ written with coaches Kim Seong-geun and Kim In-shik, as well as ‘Major League Guidebook’, ‘Professional Baseball Chronicle’, and ‘Kilometer’

The anecdote after entering the major leagues was handled by Han Seung-hoon, a major league commentator for Spotify. Commentator Han Seung-hun works as a Naver Sports service planner and also works as a major league commentator. He has translated and written several major league books, including Mariano Rivera’s autobiography, The Closer.

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