All-Star outfielder seeking trade: “Things haven’t changed

Major League Baseball (MLB) Pittsburgh Pirates representative hitter Brian Reynolds (28), who requested a trade, conveyed his intentions. 토토사이트

Reynolds is the number one hitter in the Pirate Corps with 27 home runs in the 2022 season. In the 2021 season, he hit a batting average of 0.302 and hit 24 home runs and was selected as an All-Star in the National League (NL) outfielder category. Pittsburgh has not been able to get out of the bottom of the NL Central, but young players such as Reynolds, O’Neill Cruz (shortstop) and Ki Brian Hayes (third baseman) have grown and been recognized as a ‘team with an expected future’. 

However, Reynolds requested a trade from the front desk in December of last year. In April, just eight months ago, an agreement was reached on an annual salary adjustment for a period of two years and a total of $13.5 million, so the club was inevitably embarrassed. He even openly expressed his disappointment towards Reynolds. 

Reynolds, who did not reveal his position during his offseason, finally opened his mouth on the 16th (Korean time) when the Pittsburgh spring camp began. He explained that a series of situations “originated from a difference of opinion”, and when asked about the situation of ‘resolving the conflict’, he replied, “The situation has not changed.” 

Reynolds expressed his love for the team, hometown, and fans, and hoped for a long-term contract. However, it seems that there is a big difference of opinion with the club over the conditions. Reynolds emphasized that “a fair contract must be made for both the club and the player.” 

There is nothing urgent for the club, which can already retain Reynolds until 2025 on an extended contract. On the other hand, Reynolds had no choice but to be dissatisfied with the club’s treatment since Hayes had signed a long-term contract for 8 years (a total of 70 million dollars). 

Reynolds said he would focus on camp training. Pittsburgh coach Derek Shelton also said player contracts were a business, and he was wary of being interpreted as discord rumors. Colleague Hayes also said, “Reynolds is a consistent person.”  

Meanwhile, more than five clubs, including the New York Yankees and LA Dodgers, showed interest in the news that Reynolds could appear in the transfer market. 

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