An 80-year-old who couldn’t drive due to poor eyesight, opened his eyes while receiving back treatment

A woman in her 80s, who had been unable to drive for over 10 years due to glaucoma, unexpectedly recovered her eyesight while undergoing a back pain treatment experiment.

According to the New Zealand Press News Hub on the 19th local time, Linley Hood, an 80-year-old woman, took part in a chronic back pain relief trial conducted by the University of Otago, and she suddenly regained her sight.

“Now she has no trouble driving or reading,” she said.

While she was being treated, Mr. Hood lay in her bed wearing an electrode cap that sent electrical currents to areas of the brain associated with pain메이저놀이터. After just over a month, she saw results in unexpected places.

In particular, local media reported that she belonged to the placebo, or fake treatment group, among the participants in the experiment.

The trial, which involved 20 patients in all, consisted of two groups receiving treatment five days a week for one month.

In one group, actual electrical stimulation was applied to the area of ​​the brain that controls pain, and in the other group, only the skin was electrically stimulated, and Mr. Hood belonged to this group.

Dr. Divya Adhia, who was in charge of this experiment, said, “It seems that the skin stimulation was transmitted to the part in charge of vision and had an effect.” revealed.

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