Baduk world, Myongji University baduk department petition for preservation… 4,000 people including Cho Hoon-hyeon and Lee Chang-ho

The baduk community has launched a petition for the preservation of the world’s only university baduk department.

On the 15th, the Korea Institute encouraged participation, saying, “We are holding hands with all Baduk-related organizations and developing a signature campaign to appeal to the entire nation for the preservation of Myongji University Baduk University.”

By this day, more than 4,000 signatures had been gathered through the Korea Baduk Association, Women’s Baduk Federation, and University Baduk Federation, and 335 (82%) of the total 408 professional players were listed.

“The world’s only baduk department at Myongji University is worth a lot as it is a great asset in the world of baduk,” said Jo Hoon-hyeon, 9th dan, the “Emperor of Baduk.”

‘Stone Buddha’ Lee Chang-ho, 9th dan, said, “I can’t help but feel sorry for the news that the department will be closed. I hope that the Baduk department will continue its history.”

Shin Jin-seo, 9th Dan, ranked No. 1 in the Korean Baduk ranking, said, “I feel very sorry that Myongji University’s Department of Baduk, which has played an important role in informing people who do not know Baduk, is in crisis.” It is very unfortunate that the Department of Baduk, which is the pride of , is disappearing.”토토사이트

You can participate in the signature campaign on the Korea Kiwon website (

It is known that Myongji University has internally decided to abolish the baduk department because of the recent decline in the baduk population and the participation of young people at less than 10%. It is expected to be applied from 2024 at the earliest after follow-up procedures such as approval by the Ministry of Education.

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