“Barcelona, ​​the most serious incident in football”… UEFA President’s Warning

 UEFA president Ceferin has warned Barcelona about allegations of buying referees.

Slovenian president Ceferin mentioned Barcelona’s suspicion of buying referees through an interview with Slovenian media Ekipa on the 3rd (Korean time)메이저사이트. “I cannot comment directly,” Ceferin said. “There is an independent disciplinary committee and UEFA has not dealt with this in detail. But one thing I can say is that the situation is serious. What I have experienced in the world of football. It is the most serious of all.”

It was revealed that Barcelona had remitted 7 million euros (approximately 9.9 billion won) to Negreira, vice president of the Spanish Referees Association, from 2001 to 2018. Barcelona’s suspicion of buying referees was revealed during the course of an investigation by Spanish tax authorities into Darsnil 95, a company run by Vice Chairman Negreira. While Spanish prosecutors are investigating Barcelona’s alleged bribing of referees, Spanish tax authorities have found no evidence of referee bribing by Barcelona.

Barcelona is leading the league with 23 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses (71 points) in the Primera Liga this season, and it is highly likely to win the Primera Liga for the first time in four seasons. Last month, Spain’s Marca said, “UEFA has requested Barcelona to submit materials related to the Spanish prosecutor’s investigation.” UEFA could punish Barcelona by banning them from UEFA competitions if they are found guilty by a Spanish court.

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