Choi Won-joon, come-from-behind TKO victory over 20kg heavy Akazawa

White Bear’ Choi Won-joon (33, Choi Won-joon gym) overcame the 20kg weight difference and achieved a come-from-behind victory. 메이저사이트

Choi Won-joon defeated ‘King Bear’ Akazawa Yukinori (31, Japan) weighing over 20kg in the ‘Black Combat 5: Song of the Sword’ unlimited level match held at the Suwon Convention Center in Gyeonggi-do on the 4th by a pounding TKO in 1 minute 49 seconds in the 3rd round. won

With Choi Won-joon’s victory, Korean Black Combat won 3-2 Korea-Japan match against Japanese Deep.

Choi Won-joon was pushed by strength and weight in the first round. In the clinch, Akazawa lifted Choi Won-joon up and landed a takedown. Choi Won-joon was trapped underneath and could not get out.

However, Wonjun Choi was gathering strength. In the second round, Akazawa, who was noticeably out of breath, took the initiative with simple jabs and punches.

Akazawa, who used all his might in the first round, couldn’t do anything because the soles of his feet stuck to the ground. Clinch couldn’t even dream.

Choi Won-joon is also having a hard time. However, his punches were much faster and lighter. Step was alive.

In the end, the third round match was decided. The exhausted Akazawa lost his balance and collapsed due to Wonjun Choi’s punch. Choi Won-joon followed up with a shower pounding. The match ended with the referee’s stop.

In a situation where the score was 2-2 against Korea and Japan, when Choi Won-jun’s come-from-behind victory was decided, the audience was excited. The crowd chanted “Choi Won-joon, Choi Won-jun”.

With this, Black Combat achieved the feat of winning the first team match between Korea and Japan.

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