“Choose or I decide” Lillard’s strong message to the club

Lillard threw a strong message to the club메이저사이트

Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers talked about his honest thoughts about his future direction in an interview with ‘ESPN’ on the 13th (hereinafter Korean time).  

At the time when the play-in tournament is in full swing, the remarks of a player who ended the season early are drawing attention. That’s what Portland’s Lillard said in a TV interview.

Lillard’s team, Portland, was caught in a situation that was neither one nor the other. After retooling around Lillard, Jerami Grant, Yusuf Nurkitch, and Anfernee Simons, they started this season, but suffered the humiliation of staying in 13th place in the Western Conference.  

The problem is that Portland’s current direction is not even a clear rebuilding. It seems to be shouting win-now, but the move the team is showing is not at all close to winning. Due to the wrong judgment of the front desk, the range of roster management was greatly reduced, and it was driven to a desperate situation. 

Signboard star Lillard also expressed his frustration at the club’s ambiguous move and current situation. He recently clarified his thoughts on the win-now route, saying “I’m not really interested in adding young players to the team.”

Lillard drew the line, saying, “I’m not trying to threaten or threaten the team,” but the words left in the interview that day were close to a strong message to the club front. He hopes the front will make a bold decision towards power reinforcement. 

“If we can’t make important decisions, we won’t have a chance to compete at a high level,” Lillard said. Should we run for it? We’re not fully committed to either one.”

“Everyone wants to win and they want to win titles. The club believes I deserve that chance and I believe the team is dedicated and diligent in doing that off-season. This is the most important non-stop since I joined. season,” he added.

It’s clear that the Portland roster needs changes to be successful. Yu Suffner Keach has not lived up to expectations in the first season of his big extension, and the Anfernie Simons and Lillard backcourt duo have exposed too many weaknesses on defense. Newcomer coach Chauncey Billups has also faced a lot of criticism for his quality as a manager. 

However, there are not as many cards as I thought to change many things. It’s questionable how much change Portland can make here, with a combined roster salary of $143 million this season. They are not attractive options either in the free agency market or the trade market. 

Born in 1990, Lillard’s time to be at his peak may be running out. He has always been loyal to the team, but through this interview, he expressed his mind that he could make his own decisions if there were no noticeable changes.

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