Chungnam Asan FC, business agreement with Asan Youth Mind Drink, ‘the only youth mind health center in Chungnam-do’!

Chungnam Asan FC and Asan Youth Mind Drink are joining forces.

Chungnam Asan Professional Soccer Team (owner Park Gyeong-gwi, hereinafter Chungnam Asan) signed a business agreement with Asan Youth Mind Drink (Center Director Lee Hyo-cheol), the only youth mind health center in Chungcheongnam-do.

This agreement ceremony was held at Asan Youth Mind Drink located in Baebang-eup, attended by Jeon Hye-ja, CEO of Chungnam Asan and Lee Hyo-cheol, head of Asan Youth Mind Drink Center. The club MD product presentation ceremony was held메이저사이트.

Asan Youth Mind Drink is a youth mind health center established by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Chungcheongnam-do, and Asan City to smoothly receive advanced psychosocial intervention services for young people between the ages of 18 and 34 suffering from mental health difficulties in the region. .

Through this agreement, Chungnam Asan will engage in various activities with Asan Youth Mind Drink. Chungnam Asan provides professional psychological education programs such as mental management for professional and youth teams, stress measurement and psychological counseling services for spectators during home games, and Asan Youth Mind Drink invites youth to watch home games, career path Various programs such as special lectures and soccer clinics will be held together.

Asan Youth Mind Drink is provided by psychiatrists, mental health specialists, and nursing personnel, and its main projects include △ Owl lunchbox delivery business to discover and support isolated and secluded youth △ Mental health medicine treatment cost support △ There are mental health education △healthy meal support project for single-person households, such as high-risk mental health groups, △family rest support project, △vocational education, and △forest experience program.

In particular, the Animal Friend project, which treats young people suffering from depression, maladjustment to the West, and seclusion through an animal medium, in agreement with Yeonam University, is receiving a great response. In addition to this, various programs such as humanities programs with various subjects such as philosophy, literature, history, and art will be operated to raise awareness of respect for life.

Lee Hyo-cheol, director of the Asan Youth Mind Drink Center, said, “It is a well-known fact that regular sports activities have a positive effect on mental health. Through cooperation with Chungnam Asan FC, we can provide more effective mental health services to our members.” conveyed his impressions.

Jeon Hye-ja, CEO of Chungnam Asan, said, “I am delighted to be with Asan Youth Mind Drink. Through this agreement, Asan Youth Mind Drink will give strength to young people in the region through various programs so that our soccer team can also participate in giving dreams and hopes. I will collect them,” he replied.

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