Coach Jeon Chang-jin, “the winning streak ends”, “I had the last foul…”

The game, which was dragged throughout the game, was overturned at the end. However, they were one step short of victory. The unfortunate defeat ended the three-game winning streak.

Jeonju KCC Egis lost 79-83 in the 3rd round of the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Pro Basketball regular league against Ulsan Hyundai Mobis Phoebus held at Jeonju Gymnasium on the 12th. KCC went 8-12.

KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin couldn’t hide his regret, saying, “In the end, we decided to split the game so that we didn’t have a loose ball or a foul.”

However, the part that caught up to the end of the game, which was being dragged, gave great meaning.

Coach Jeon Chang-jin said, “The match was so messy that I can’t comment here, no matter how it happened. But I did my best for the fans until the end, and it was fun.” 토토사이트

He said, “There was room for a team foul, but it’s unfortunate that I couldn’t cut it off with a foul and got a come-from-behind shot. But it’s fortunate that I led the game to the end. Looking at the turnaround at the end, it seems that our players have gained strength.” .

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