Collaboration and projects that will set a precedent… 1 Million YouTube Parents’ ‘Fun’ meets Anyang’s ‘Story’

The ‘fun’ of 1 million YouTube fatherers and the ‘story’ of FC Anyang met.

Anyang signed an official sponsorship agreement with the 1 million YouTube crew ‘Fathernus’ last month. Fathernus is a YouTube that is greatly loved for its contents such as ‘Korean Geography First Instructor Teacher Moon’, ‘Hae In-ching Observer Point of View’, and ‘Reporter Condolence’. Moon Sang-hoon, who is active as a YouTuber and actor온라인카지노, belongs to it.

Fathernus and Anyang formed a relationship in 2021 with the content of ‘Condolence Reporter’ and have continued to collaborate. Through this agreement, Fathernus’ logo will be inserted on the left shoulder of Anyang’s uniform, and Fathernus will be with Anyang as an official partner for 2023. The stadium also has an A-board with the Fatherners logo and name engraved on it. The Fathernus logo is engraved on the shoulder of Anyang’s uniform.

Fathernus Kim Ji-cheol, the manager of the event, was born and raised in Anyang. He is a fan of Anyang’s ‘Chin’ who intuited the ‘Support Derby’ in 2003. It is a so-called virtue match. In particular, video contents collaborated with Anyang hit the so-called jackpot. The number of views exceeded 1 million. Manager Kim said, “At first, we collaborated lightheartedly with the thought that it would be fun. As the contents were successfully created, synergy was created.” “I wanted to make people curious about why the Fathers logo is there at the home stadium of the K League 2 club. Then I thought that many people would pay attention,” he said about the background of the collaboration.

Why did the 1 million YouTube fatherers pay attention to Anyang? Anyang belongs to the K-League 2, and it is not a team that receives a lot of attention. Fathernus paid attention to Anyang’s ‘story’. Manager Kim directly explained to the Fatherners team members and was interested in the story of the Anyang club. Manager Kim said, “Regardless of the scale, I think it’s rather important to be able to create a story. I think that the contents can be organically bitten,” he said. That’s why I think it’s meaningful to bring the project with Anyang.”

An official from Anyang also said, “The level of interest increases with the publication of the Father’s billboard, and I think there is also an effect of increasing the exposure of the billboard right next to the Father’s billboard. To be honest, Anyang gains more than Fathernus gains.”

Fathernus is thinking over and over again. This year, we plan to produce content that contains the color of Fathernus as never before. Manager Kim said, “As Anyang cooperated, we are thinking about content that can be ‘win-win’ for both sides. For example, I want to make people who don’t know about the K-League, or people who live in Anyang but like Fatherners think, ‘There’s a team in Anyang, and I have to go see it’. From our point of view, we consider it an honor (collaborating with Anyang), and I think it will be an interesting direction no matter what direction it goes,” he said, raising expectations for future projects.

What is expected through collaboration with Anyang is clear. However, it is not a numerical part like YouTube views. Manager Kim said, “I want to hear that a team called Fathernus is doing interesting content and projects.” I think it would be good to have the perception that other creators are doing what they are not doing,” he said. “This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Anyang club. Also, if Fathernus achieves promotion in the year that official sponsorship begins, I think we will be able to receive more interesting content and more interest next year.”

Same goes for Anyang. An official from Anyang said, “We are looking forward to providing soccer fans with something to enjoy lightly about Anyang and the K-League. I think it is of great value because it can promote Anyang and the K-League without being heavy even for those who are not soccer fans.”

“Collaboration with YouTube-based creators is rare even in the K-League. As an official from Anyang said, “I hope the relationship between Anyang and Fathernus will set a precedent for the K-League,” Anyang and Fathernus are bringing fresh air to the K-League and presenting a new model. This is why their actions are noteworthy.

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