D. Green “The biggest threat in the West is the Lakers”

 Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors was wary of the LA Lakers, who were on the rise.

“The Lakers have become a threat right now,” Green said in a recent interview with local media. “If the Lakers ever make the playoffs메이저사이트, they will be the strongest opponent.”

As Green said, the recent rise of the Lakers is unusual. The Lakers recently won three games in a row by beating the Orlando Magic, Phoenix Suns and Oklahoma City Thunder. The Lakers currently have ace LeBron James out with an injury. In such a situation, the other players’ performance was successful in winning three in a row.

Austin Reeves, who became a key player in the team in the undrafty, and Anthony Davis, who had recently made a rebound after a bad performance after returning from injury, and various players such as D’Angelo Russell, Malik Beasley, and Jared Vanderbilt, who were brought in at the trade deadline, were selected for their performances. are unfolding

In this situation, if James returns, the rise of the Lakers is expected to burn even more.

From the point of view of the opposing team, the Lakers, who have improved performance and two superstars, Davis and James, are a burdensome opponent. 

The problem is that the Lakers currently sit 8th in the Western Conference with a record of 37-37. With the current standings, the Lakers will advance to the play-in tournament, not the playoffs. The play-in tournament is a one-off match, so no strong team can easily guarantee advancement. Even the Lakers, who have a lot of veteran players, have no choice but to feel burdened.

The Lakers need to move up to 6th in the Western Conference to go straight to the playoffs. Currently, Golden State is in 6th place, and the gap with the Lakers is only 1.5 games. It’s a ranking that can catch up enough, but the problem is that there are less than 10 games left in the regular season.

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