Details make the difference… Lee Kang-cheol, preparing for all cases 

There are various variables in the WBC (World Baseball Classic).

Starting with pitcher management, it is complicated. In the first round of the finals, which will be held in Tokyo, Japan, the maximum number of pitches for starting pitchers is 65. If the number of pitches is exceeded among the opponents, only that batter must be dealt with and replaced. If you pitch more than 30, you can take a day off and go back to the mound, but if you pitch more than 50, you must take a break of 4 days. Even if the number of pitches is below the limit, pitchers who have thrown for two consecutive days are obliged to take a day off. In the quarterfinal tournament, the maximum number of pitches is 80, and from the semifinal, the maximum number of pitches is 95. Even in practice games, not actual games, the number of pitches is limited to 49. These pitches are recorded individually by the WBC Technical Committee.안전놀이터

If the score is tied until the ninth inning, the match-up rule will be applied from overtime. At the end of the ninth inning, the batting order starts in the 10th inning, and you can attack from second base without a hit.

The rules of the KBO League and other international competitions are always challenges that the national team must overcome. The key is preparation. It would be perfect if the game was played according to the scenario, but in a field where variables dance, a B plan is essential. A single decision on the bench can decide the fate of not only the game, but the entire tournament.

For this reason, Lee Kang-cheol-ho seems to be repeating thorough research. The WBC national team, which is convened and training in Tucson, Arizona, USA, focuses on adapting to the complicated WBC rules through training and actual matches. In the match against the NC Dinos and the KIA Tigers, the maximum number of pitches was set at 25 and the focus was on checking the condition of the pitchers. However, it is expected that the focus will be on pitcher operation in preparation for actual combat situations from the upcoming two-game series against KT Wiz.

The fielders are preparing for a match with various situations set up in the air defense. However, it is not known which other line will start the match. Through the last two practice games, the hitters improved their condition early on, but the burden of the match-up to send runners and score points is another problem. All hitters of the national team, including Park Byung-ho (KT Wiz), have started bunt training early.

Director Lee Kang-cheol seems to be struggling. He said, “A pitcher who throws well may adjust the number of pitches so that he can prepare for the next game, but it is impossible to know how the pitcher who will throw next will throw.” It means that the best scenario is to take responsibility for as many innings as possible within the set number of pitches. Regarding the preparation for a match-up, “It is a system in which the team that attacks first has no choice but to be at an absolute disadvantage. (Hitters with clutch ability) like Lee Jung-hoo (Kiwoom Heroes) may not bunt, but they can do it themselves (according to the situation). First of all, all players have to prepare.”

The national team installed a TV in the Kino Sports Complex Clubhouse, the training ground, so that players could watch the opponent’s video during breaks. In addition to personally provided tablet PCs, the team also focuses on identifying the characteristics of opponents in the first round of the finals through power analysis meetings.

In the end, the victory or defeat of a short-term match is determined by the details. Lee Kang-cheol-ho is preparing for all possible cases.

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