“Disruption due to Lee Kang-in’s injury” A gap that only Klins was concerned about… Is there an alternative?

Can coach Jurgen Klinsmann make a team so that Lee Kang-in does not feel a vacuum?

The Korea Football Association announced on the 28th (hereinafter Korean time) the 25-member list of the Korean men’s national team to participate in a friendly match in Europe in September. The Korean national team, led by coach Klinsman, will meet with Wales on the 8th and Saudi Arabia on the 13th for an evaluation match.

After announcing his 25-man roster, coach Klinsman was concerned about Kang-in Lee’s vacancy, saying, “Due to Kang-in Lee’s injury, difficulties are expected due to disruptions in game management.” At the same time, he showed his will to make sure that he did not feel that Lee Kang-in was missing, saying, “I will accept the reality and use it as an opportunity to prepare another plan.”

Even if you have a strong will, reality is often harsh. I am concerned about how director Klinsman will replace Lee Kang-in’s vacancy.

There are two main ways to replace the player’s blank. This is done through the appointment of other players with similar strengths and weaknesses or through tactical changes by the manager. In this September’s evaluation match, neither replacing Lee Kang-in as a player or minimizing Lee Kang-in’s gap through other tactics does not seem easy.

First, it is necessary to understand how coach Klinsman used Lee Kang-in in the last 4 evaluation matches. Coach Klinsman classified Lee Kang-in as a side winger rather than a central resource. Rather than a traditional winger style, Lee Kang-in was given tactical freedom and created a movement to the center.

Therefore, the player who will take on the role of replacing Lee Kang-in must be a player who is good at both flank and center play. In this 25-member roster, if we look at the resources that can play both the center and the flanks, Jaeseong Lee, Heechan Hwang, Hyunseok Hong, and Dongkyung Lee. Heung-Min Son. Here, Son Heung-min is excluded because he cannot be classified as a replacement for Lee Kang-in.

Just because you can play both the center and the sides doesn’t mean you can replace Lee Kang-in. In the center, playmaking must be possible, and in the side, it is necessary to break through the opponent’s defender lightly. That means that Lee Kang-in has a lot of roles in the national team, but most of the candidates mentioned have different strengths from Lee Kang-in.

Lee Jae-seong and Hong Hyeon-seok are better than Lee Kang-in at balancing the midfield, but they are not the style to drive the ball directly from the side. Hwang Hee-chan, who can be destructive from the side like Lee Kang-in, is not a player who can playmaking from the center. At least, Lee Dong-kyung is a player who has similar strengths to Lee Kang-in.

The point of concern here is how well coach Klinsman understands Lee Dong-kyung. The best way to get to know a player is to watch him play. Coach Klinsman has never seen Lee Dong-kyung’s game in person.토토사이트

Lee Dong-gyeong has been playing for Ulsan Hyundai since last July after ending her life in Europe, but coach Klinsman has not visited the K-League site since July. You may have seen Lee Dong-gyeong’s game through the video, but what is certain is that coach Klinsman selected Lee Dong-gyeong’s game without seeing it in person.

Last June, coach Klinsman called Ahn Hyun-beom to the national team and gave tactical instructions that only highlighted Ahn’s shortcomings, leaving a question mark. There is no law that a situation like this will not happen to Lee Dong-kyung.

If coach Klinsman decides to replace Lee Kang-in with a tactical change rather than a player, it is likely to cause greater concern. Over his last four games, Klinsmann has not made it clear what kind of football he intends to play. He said he would pursue a more aggressive football than coach Paulo Bento, but the tactical details were very poor. The result was a bad result of 4 home games without a win.

The only ‘something’ coach Klinsman showed tactically is that he will use Son Heung-min in the center, not the side. It is difficult to expect a plan to replace Lee Kang-in, who was suddenly injured by the manager who missed details and perfection during the 4 games. Coach Klinsmann was pointed out for his lack of tactical ability even during his days with the successful German and American national teams.

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