Doosan Mound, Knowing the ‘Power of Depth’, Aims for the ‘Fill-In’ Effect Again!

Attention is focusing on whether the Doosan Bears will show their potential in the second half as in the first half when they minimized the gap as a substitute player.

Doosan finished the first half with a starting lineup of Raul Alcantara, Brandon Waddell, Kwak Bin, Choi Won-jun, and Kim Dong-ju. Alcantara played a large role in enduring the loss, such as taking the lead in escaping a losing streak as the first starter, but could not fill the vacancy of Dylan Pyle, an existing foreign pitcher who only appeared in two games due to a series of injuries such as being hit in the head by a batted ball, and Bin Kwak, who injured his back. Otherwise, I would have run into a big problem. Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop also expressed his gratitude, saying, “We were able to survive because Jang Won-joon and Choi Seung-yong, who were substitute starters, filled the vacancy of the existing pitchers well.”

Variables can occur at any time during the 144-game long race. Doosan, who showed great ability to cope with variables in the first half, started again to fill one spot in the starting and bullpen this time. In the starting lineup, Choi Won-joon was excluded from the first team entry two days later after complaining of stiffness in his back while fighting against Hanwha Eagles in Daejeon on the 2nd, giving up 1 run in 5 innings. As originally planned, he can skip one appearance and play against Hanwha in Daejeon on the 13th, but he has to make an alternative starter against Samsung Lions in Jamsil on the 8th. In addition, a reliever pitcher is also needed to replace Lee Young-ha, who has lost 4 individual runs since the match against the Lotte Giants in Jamsil on the 25th of last month.먹튀검증

Doosan announced Choi Seung-yong as the starting pitcher on the 8th. As his pitch improved recently, he was given another chance. On May 25, when he was an alternative starter, he made a quality start (QS pitching with 3 earned runs or more in 6 or more innings) with 2 runs in 6 innings against Samsung in Jamsil. Coach Lee looked at whether Seung-yong Choi’s pitch was deteriorating and decided whether to let him play long innings or operate the mound in the form of a ‘bullpen day’, but everything was in Choi Seung-yong’s hands.

Director Lee entrusted a heavy responsibility to Kim Min-gyu. Kim Min-gyu, who was discharged from the Armed Forces Sports Unit (Sangmu) in June, has been adjusting his pitching as a starting pitcher for the Futures (2nd Division) team. Right now, the starting lineup has been confirmed, so we have to take a closer look at the opportunity, but it is still included as a potential alternative selection candidate in the future. Manager Lee said, “With (Lee) Young-ha expunged, there are not many players who will step into a situation where the team has to catch up. (Kim) Mingyu prepared as a starting pitcher, but now, due to team circumstances, he will play as a swing man.”

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