Even truck protests… A post-hardening storm, a prepared coach must overcome

Hanhwa fans famous for ‘Bodhisattva’ started a collective action with a truck protest. The aftermath of the dismissal of manager Carlos Subero (51) does not subside easily. Choi Won-ho (50), the new head coach, has the burden of overcoming this situation. It is a difficult situation even for a prepared director. 

Some Eagles fans mobilized two trucks to protest in front of the Hanwha Group headquarters in Jung-gu, Seoul on the 15th. It was a protest to denounce the Hanwha club front desk that sacked coach Subero on the 11th. Demonstrations will continue until the 18th in not only the head office, but also in Sangam and Apgujeong Galleria. 

Fans said, “We decided to hold a truck protest to hold the front desk responsible for repeating habitual hardships and evasion of responsibility.” Previously, Kim Seong-geun and Han Yong-deok, followed by Subero, resigned without being able to fill the contract period, and the ‘Hanwha director’s cruelty’ was reproduced. 

On the 11th, right after the victory over Samsung, ‘Timing’ notified the contract cancellation at around 9:00 pm, incurring anger from fans. Before the hardship, Hanwha was rebounding with 5 wins and 2 losses. Criticism is that in a situation where the sluggishness of foreign players selected by the club is painful, only coach Subero is responsible for all the sluggish performance. 

Fans criticized the repeated failure to recruit foreigners and the inconsistent and frustrated rebuilding. That’s right. Even if the head coach and scouting staff change, the failure to farm foreign players every year is clearly the responsibility of the club for any reason. Three years ago, coach Subero was recruited for rebuilding, but as the keynote changed to winning baseball from last year, the field and the front desk were slightly different. 

The hearts of the Bosal fans who have been unwavering in their support even during the long and dark period of more than 15 years must be very sad. He is expressing his frustration enough to collect money from ten o’clock and hold a truck protest. It is impossible without love, affection and passion for the team. The opinions and actions of the fans deserve full respect, and the Hanwha club should also take responsibility and bear it in mind.

While the aftermath of the resignation안전놀이터 of coach Subero does not subside, it is worrisome that sparks may flare up in the newly started coach Choi Won-ho system. It is a burdensome situation for coach Choi Won-ho, who has pushed out coach Subero, who has to produce results right away. He will be cluttered, but he has to create an atmosphere in which the squad can focus on the game. 

Director Choi Won-ho was a well-prepared manager for Hanwha. He took over as Futures manager after the last 2019 season and reorganized the team by directing 114 games as acting first-team manager from June 2020. Coach Choi, who returned to coaching Futures in 2021 and focused on fostering, led the Northern League championship last year by winning 14 consecutive wins, the most ever for Futures. Recognized for his nurturing ability, ahead of this season, he even signed a three-year contract renewal, which is unusual for a Futures manager. 

For the past two years, he has had regular meetings with coach Subero of the first team, communicated closely, and worked together to rebuild the team in the second team. He has experience in commanding the first team when he was acting manager, and he has a better understanding of the players in the team than anyone else. His systematic player management was also verified, and he was evaluated as the right person to lead the team’s continued growth with his rational management and leadership. It is not a director who was suddenly put in from above. He came to the team much earlier than his cousin, Dong-Wook, general manager Son Hyuk. 

However, the coach replacement process and timing were too bad, and due to a series of circumstances, the burden of grades increased for coach Choi, who was standing on the opposite side with coach Subero. Although he is a new manager, it has become difficult to have a honeymoon period. Trial and error are inevitable as it is the first official coach of the first team, but fans’ support is needed to successfully settle down. Nothing elicits support as surely as he wins. In the Incheon expedition last weekend, they fought equally with 1 win, 1 loss and 1 draw against SSG, and started off well under coach Choi’s system. This week, Daejeon Lotte and Jamsil LG will be on a full-fledged test bed. 

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