Fall Baseball, 3 rounds + Kiwoom + KIA-Doosan remaining one seat ‘contend’

The 2023 KBO League will open at 2:00 pm on April 1 at five stadiums nationwide. As a result of the Star News survey, commentators predicted that the top 5 teams that will play fall baseball this season will compete with Kiwoom and KIA for the remaining one spot, such as SSG, LG and KT.

Three teams, SSG, LG, and KT, were selected unanimously as ‘candidates for the round of five’. Regarding SSG, which won the combined championship last year, the commentators unanimously said, “The depth is solid.” Commissioner A said, “The batting is stable메이저사이트. Commissioner C also expressed anxiety, saying, “But the bullpen will struggle a little.”

The reason for choosing LG was that “power is the most solid”. Specifically, member C cited the starting lineup as “Kim Yun-sik and Lee Min-ho have grown,” and member B said, “We have the strongest bullpen in the league, leading to Jung Woo-young and Ko Woo-seok,” and pointed out the strength of the back door as a strength. Member D added, “We must fight for the championship unconditionally.” However, Commissioner E also added the premise that “there should be no injured players.”

The common reason for choosing KT was ‘stable starters’. Member C emphasized, “The starting team is solid and will be the most comfortable team to run the season,” and Member D emphasized, “It is the only team with about 6 starters prepared.” Commissioner B also said, “Kim Sang-soo will fill the gap in Shim Woo-jun’s military enlistment.”

Kiwoom Heroes was also selected as a candidate for the round of 5 from 4 commentators except for one. I paid attention to the experience of entering the Korean Series last year and the power centered on Lee Jung-hoo. Commissioner B said, “Because Lee Jung-hoo is in the last season ahead of overseas expansion, the team will also come together more tightly.” Member D said, “The fact that there are MVP-level players in pitcher (Woo-jin Ahn) and hitter (Jung-hoo Lee) is not the power of one player alone. “I will be able to make it to the top 5,” he predicted.

Following these four teams, Doosan Bears and KIA Tigers received two votes each for the last place in the round of 5. Regarding Doosan, he said, “There are many players who know how to win even if their objective power is a little behind (Committee C)” and “There will definitely be an effect with coach Lee Seung-yeop and Yang Eui-ji (Committee E).” The KIA said, “Park Dong-won is missing, but Han Seung-taek and Joo Hyo-sang in catcher defense, and Kim Do-young in attack can fill the gap (Commissioner D)”, “There is also Kim Do-young, and young pitchers such as Yoon Young-cheol and Choi Ji-min will add great strength. (Committee A)” was predicted.

Lotte Giants and Samsung Lions also received one vote each. Member A, who selected Lotte, said, “It was strange that they couldn’t perform well with their pitching ability last year. Commissioner B, who chose Samsung, said, “It will be a positive thing to have digested more training than any other club at the spring camp. The starting lineup is not bad either.”

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