Family assaulted daughter in the middle of Gangnam…father taken into custody

According to a police report on Tuesday, the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul applied to the prosecutor’s office for an emergency temporary measure to prevent the victim, a middle school student named A, from being approached or contacted by her family, and the court granted the temporary measure.

Mr. B, Ms. A’s father, was also subjected to provisional measure No. 7, the highest penalty under the Child Abuse Punishment Act. He has been detained at the Seoul Eastern Detention Center since the previous afternoon.

Provisional measure No. 7 for child abusers is to detain them in a police station or detention center, and like the other seven provisional measures, the period is no longer than two months.

It can be extended once if it is deemed necessary to extend the period to protect the child.

Mr. B grabs Ms. A by the hair and drags her away. (Photo: SBS broadcast screen grab)
Mr. and Mrs. B and Ms. A’s brother were detained by police on March 15 for allegedly assaulting Ms. A for about 20 minutes at an apartment complex in Gangnam, Seoul메이저사이트.

Released closed-circuit (CC) TV footage showed Ms. A running barefoot and running away from her family.

The family members can be seen punching her several times and pulling her hair. Ms. A was also forced to kneel in front of them.

The Gangnam Police Station is investigating Mr. and Mrs. B on suspicion of child abuse and the brother on suspicion of violating the Domestic Violence Punishment Act.

They reportedly told police that their daughter “refused to go to the hospital, so they physically punished her.”

Ms. A is in protective custody and reportedly has no serious trauma.

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