First adaptation training in Japan… Director Lee Kang-cheol “I’m in good condition”

The World Baseball Classic team had their first adaptation training in Japan, where the tournament will be held. Coach Lee Kang-cheol showed confidence, saying that all players are in good condition.


The national team had an hour-and-a-half adaptation training under the warm spring sun at the 2nd group practice field of the Orix club in Japan.

Although the opening of the tournament was imminent, the players’ expressions were light and laughter erupted throughout the training.

Third baseman Choi Jeong-do, who missed the practice game on the 3rd due to poor physical condition, relieved manager Lee Kang-cheol’s worries by training normally.

[Lee Kang-chul/WBC national team coach: Actually, I thought it would be a bit difficult, but the players did their job well with a bright face until the end, so it seems that Choi Jeong is fine today, and he is well prepared.] The batters accelerated to increase the sense of hitting


Beginning with captain Kim Hyeon-soo, they turned the bat longer than usual, and Park Byung-ho and other giants showed good condition by jumping over the fence several times.

The pitchers, who had a hard time adapting to the slippery ball at the Arizona camp in the U.S. due to the dry weather, now brighten their faces, saying that they can catch the ball well.

[Ko Woo-seok/WBC national team pitcher: I think that by now everyone would have adapted well (to the official ball), and I think there is no big problem like the last game, but I think it will get better.]

Tomorrow (6th), the national team will play its first official match against Japan’s Orix, with So-Jun Sohn as the starter.

After our team’s practice, the home team, Japan, had a self-training in the spotlight of numerous reporters.

Sasaki, who recorded a top speed of 167 km/h in yesterday’s evaluation match with star star Ohtani, adjusted her condition with light exercise.

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