First opening 2 consecutive losses Kyunghee University, opening 2 consecutive wins in 10 years Myongji University

 Kyunghee University and Myongji University started out in contrast. Kyunghee University became the first college basketball league team to lose two consecutive opening games, while Myongji University won two consecutive opening games in 10 years.

Kyung Hee University is a completely different team from last year to the extent that all five key players are new faces. Lee Sa-sung and In Seung-chan left the team and even the height was lowered. It is clear that the power has weakened.

Kim Hyeon-guk, head coach of Kyung Hee University, knew this and prepared for the opening by giving strong physical training during last winter. I tasted defeat in succession to Myongji University and Chung-Ang University.

Kyung Hee University lost only once in the opening game of the College Basketball League, which was played home and away. In 2014메이저사이트, he bowed his head 60-78 to Korea University.

At the time, Kyunghee University, which seemed to feel the graduation void of Kim Jong-gyu, Kim Min-gu, and Doo Kyung-min, won 88-86 against Hanyang University and did not fall into a losing streak from the opening.

In other words, Kyung Hee University has never experienced two consecutive losses in the opening season. For reference, in the first competition in 2020, which was held in a single competition due to Corona 19, it was eliminated from the preliminary round with three consecutive losses.

This time, Kyunghee University tasted successive defeats from Myongji University and Chung-Ang University from the opening. Kyung Hee University, which started the college basketball league most refreshingly than any other team, is experiencing the bitter experience of winning two consecutive games for the first time.

If there is a losing team, there is a winning team. Myongji University.

Myongji University has never been to the playoffs in the College Basketball League. Of course, it is rare to get good results right from the start.

Myongji University, which defeated Kyunghee University and Sangmyung University, won two consecutive wins in 10 years since 2013. Myongji University recorded 2 wins and 12 losses last year and stayed in 10th place. This season, he achieved the number of wins he had achieved in 14 games last year in just two games.

In addition, they won against Chosun University, which was the last game of the college basketball league last year. If you add the opening 2 wins in a row, you are recording 3 consecutive wins.

It is the first time since 2010 that Myongji University has won three consecutive victories. In 2010, the first year of the College Basketball League, Myongji University recorded 3 consecutive victories following the opening 4 victories. This is the time when Kim Si-rae was active.

As can be seen from the contrasting Kyunghee University and Myongji University, the 2023 College Basketball League is expected to be more fierce than ever for ranking competition.

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