‘Forget Kane’ Son Heung-min’s new partner is Lukaku… Tottenham contact after breaking up for Juve

Romelo Lukaku has emerged as a replacement for Harry Kane.

Reporter Alfredo Fedula of the Italian media ‘TV Dello Sport’ reported on his website on the 14th (Korean time) that “Tottenham Hotspur have contacted Chelsea to sign Lukaku.”

Tottenham had a huge power leak in the front line. Harry Kane, the leading striker responsible for more than 20 goals every season, left for Bayern Munich on the 12th.

Kane’s gap was huge. Tottenham ended up drawing 2-2 in the first round of the 2023/2024 season against Brentford on the 13th.

I scored two goals, but it was difficult to have a big meaning. Because it was scored by defenders like Christian Romero and Emerson Royal.

Strikers who failed to score could not escape criticism. England’s ‘Talk Sports’ also pointed out that “Tottenham’s strike team definitely needs improvement.”

The solution is to recruit new players. According to this report, Tottenham have begun tapping Lukaku’s signing after Kane left for Munich.스포츠토토

Lukaku’s future at Chelsea is uncertain. He returned to Chelsea after spending last season on loan at Inter Milan, but it has been revealed that Lukaku will not be part of manager Mauricio Pochettino’s plans.

At first, a transfer to Juventus was strongly discussed. It was also revealed that Lukaku maintained a close relationship with Juventus from the time he was loaned to Inter Milan last season.

It even came up with specific transfer conditions. Chelsea and Juventus have seriously discussed a swap deal in the form of exchanging Lukaku and Dusan Blahovic.

The deal didn’t go through. Chelsea prepared an offer of 25 million euros (approximately 36.1 billion won) for Lukaku, but negotiations broke down when Juventus asked for 40 million euros for Lukaku.

Now the chance is Tottenham. Italian media ‘Football Italia’ said, “Chelsea and Juventus are no longer talking. If Chelsea continue to talk with Tottenham, Lukaku’s destination will be clear to Tottenham.”

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