Former Kang Jung-ho, 2-time All-Star’ Harrison to Philadelphia, 2 million dollars a year

Josh Harrison (36), a veteran infielder with two-time All-Star career, has made a new nest with the Philadelphia Phillies. 

Reporter John Heyman of the US’New York Post reported on the 30th (Korean time) that Philadelphia had signed a contract with free agent Harrison for $2 million for one year. Harrison’s agency, MSN Sports, also confirmed a contract with Philadelphia. 

Right-handed infielder Harrison made his 토토사이트 debut with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2011 and played 12 seasons with the Detroit Tigers, Washington Nationals, Oakland Athletics and Chicago White Sox. 

He played in 1168 career games, posting a batting average of 2.7, 2.0, 1059 hits, 71 home runs, and 378 RBIs for an OPS of .716. He was selected as an All-Star twice in 2014 and 2017, playing as a starting second baseman in Pittsburgh. In particular, he ranked 9th in the MVP voting with a batting average of . In 2015-2016, he also made the Pittsburgh infield with Korean player Kang Jung-ho. 

Harrison, who left Pittsburgh at the end of 2018, has since become a journeyman who changes teams every year. Last year, he didn’t stand out with the White Sox, batting 25/6, 7 home runs, 27 RBIs, and OPS .687 in 119 games. 

In Philadelphia, young players such as second baseman Brian Stadt and third baseman Alec Bom are the main players in Harrison’s position. However, Harrison, who can even defend the corner outfield, supports the infield as a backup. 

Philadelphia is expected to miss Bryce Harper early in the season after undergoing Tommy John surgery. While the other line is expected to move fluidly, the experienced Harrison was brought in to reinforce the depth.

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