Hanbom High School in Suwon, Spike at the top of 7 girls’ high school competitions in a row

Suwon Hanbom High School (principal Kim Yong-moo), the ‘famous family’ of girls’ high school volleyball, won the season’s second crown by winning seven consecutive championships in the women’s high school division of the 78th National Volleyball Championships.

Hanbom High School, led by coach Park Gi-joo, the ‘master’, took place at Jecheon Indoor Gymnasium in Chungcheongbuk-do on the 6th day of the girls’ high school finals. 28-26 25-22 25-23) and won the tournament for the second consecutive time.

After winning 5 crowns in the season from the Taebaek Sanbae Competition in March of last year, he won 7 consecutive championships in a row, including winning the spring middle and high school league match (March) this season.

Song Ah-hyun, the main player in Hanbom High School’s victory, won the tournament’s Most Valuable Player Award (MVP), Kim Mi-jin received the Libero Award, Seo Yu-ra Setter Award, and coach Park Ki-joo received the Outstanding Leader Award.

Perhaps because they played Gangneung Girls’ High School the previous day in a full set match in the semifinals, the Hanbom High School players played tough matches in each set, although the result was 3-0. Hanbom High, which was led 5-10 at the beginning of the first set, continued the seesaw game after the apologetic spiker Song Ah-hyun fought hard and pursued steadily.

The match point was 23-24 in the first set, but Hanbom High School, who made a deuce with Sebin Kim’s central attack, tied the score with the opponent’s room while trailing 25-26, and took the set first with Lee Chaeyoung and Kim Mijin’s attacks.

Even in the second set, Hanbom High was led 2-7 in the early stages by the attack of opponent Lee Joo-ah and Mongolian student Inkushi. However, Sebin Kim’s attack revived and Ahyeon Song’s attack from the right was powerful, making it 11-11, and Sebin Kim, Ahyeon Song, and Chaeyoung Lee alternately scored to lead 15-11, but Mokpo Women’s Sangdo also put Incusi and Lee Jooah at the fore. He launched a formidable counterattack.

Hanbom High School, which gave up a reversal by 20-22, took a 24-22 lead thanks to Joon-hee Joon-hee and Song Ah-hyun’s consecutive attack points메이저사이트, Joo-yeon-hee’s sub ace, and Lee Chae-young’s blocking success, and then added a set as Mokpo Women’s Award Incusi’s offense.

Hanbom High School, who had the chance to win, seemed to give up the set as they were led 4-12 in the third set. However, Hanbom High School, which did not give up and pursued steadily, tied the score 17-17 and was led 21-23, and Kim Se-bin scored 3 consecutive points to turn it around to 24-23. Finished.

Park Ki-joo, coach of Hanbom High School, said, “The players’ bodies were generally heavy due to the full set game in the semifinals yesterday. However, I would like to highly praise the mentality of the players who did their best to win the come-from-behind victory without giving up even in situations where they fell far behind in each set. We will continue to strengthen our organizational skills so that we can play better matches in the future.”

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