Hyo-ri Jin from Inseong Girls’ High School, the one person who saved the basketball team from dissolution

The reason Inseong Girls’ High School, which boasts a history and tradition of women’s basketball, was able to compete again.

On the 4th, Inseong Girls’ High School lost 47-63메이저사이트 to Dongju Girls’ High School in the preliminaries for Group B of the ‘2023 Federation President’s National Men’s and Women’s Middle and High School Basketball Championship’ at the Gimcheon Gymnasium in Gimcheon, Gyeongbuk.

Captain Jin Hyo-ri led the team on the court for 40 minutes, recording 7 points, 7 steals and 5 rebounds. Jin Hyo-ri said, “I was lacking a lot in the first game of this year, but I was able to show what I practiced. I want to show that I am a team that can improve further by preparing more.”

Jin Hyo-ri is different from Inseong Girls’ High School. In 2019, Inseong Girls’ High School had difficulties operating the basketball team due to a problem with the supply and demand of players. Jin Hyo-ri, who chose her paid class, went to Inseong Girls’ High School with coach Park Joo-hyun. She kept the basketball club with no one else alone by Jin Hyori, who was a freshman.

Hyo-ri Jin said, “I wasn’t lonely because I trained with my younger siblings in middle school. However, my desire to play was not easily calmed down. I entered the second grade and competed with my four younger siblings in the first grade. I didn’t appear in many competitions, but at that moment It was really special,” he said.

Just like that, Hyo-ri Jin overcame her hard days of defending her basketball club alone, without her motivation. And now, there are six strong younger siblings, including sophomore Kang Seo-hee, Kim Bo-hyun, Hwang Mi-jeong, and first-year freshman Kim Ki-jeong, Kim Sa-rang, and Jin Hyo-bin.

Jin Hyo-ri said, “Our team’s strength is tenacity. And we have a mind to show our image and do our best no matter what team we meet. This is also the word that coach Park Joo-hyun emphasized.” And personally, I want to show my continued development,” he concluded the interview with a smile.

Could it be that the persistence and effort he showed made him play at Inseong Girls’ High School again? 

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