“I am the First Lady”… Former mayor of Gwangju, deceived by scammers, wins civil lawsuit

 Former Gwangju Mayor Yoon Jang-hyeon, who was tricked by a fraudster who impersonated the former and incumbent first lady and took 450 million won, won a civil lawsuit against the fraudster. However, it seems that it will not be easy to get the actual money back as the money has already been spent.

Kim, who had a criminal record for fraud, found out the cell phone numbers of influential people while working as a Democratic Party election campaigner in the past. In December 2017, he targeted former mayor Yoon, who was an active mayor at the time, but was expected to have difficulty in nomination for the 2018 local elections due to low approval ratings in public opinion polls.

On December 21, 2017, Mr. Kim sent his first text message to former Mayor Yoon impersonating Kwon Yang-sook, wife of the late former President Roh Moo-hyun. Mayor Yoon was tricked by this and exchanged text messages with Mr. Kim four times.

Thinking that Mayor Yoon had been tricked, Mr. Kim called Mayor Yoon directly the next morning and talked on the phone for about 30 minutes. In this call, Mr. Kim mentioned Mayor Yun’s personal history and political activities, and as a result, Mayor Yoon began to play with Mr. Kim more and more.

Requested for a job claiming that the two children were born out of wedlock to the former president… actual employment

In a phone call, Mr. Kim said, “I need money, I will return it later, but please send 500 million won. I will be your strength,” he said. He also deceived his own son and daughter as former president Roh’s out-of-wedlock children, and then demanded employment at an affiliated agency.

And a day later, on December 23, Mr. Kim visited Gwangju City Hall with his two children and met Mayor Yoon Jeon. At this meeting, Ms. Kim introduced herself as the adoptive mother of former President Roh’s children out of wedlock. Mr. Kim continuously demanded the aforementioned 500 million won from Mayor Yoon through text messages and phone calls.

Mayor Yun accepted Mr. Kim’s request. In addition to remitting the money sequentially, Kim’s son, whom Mr. Kim deceived as a ‘president’s out-of-wedlock’, was hired as a contract employee at an agency affiliated with Gwangju City, and Kim’s daughter was hired as a teacher at a private school she was acquainted with. all.

Mayor Yun took on debt to raise money to hand over to Mr. Kim. On December 26, he remitted 200 million won from the bank to Kim’s mother’s bank account. Afterwards, Mr. Kim demanded an additional deposit, saying, “The barn is drying up,” and on December 29, Mayor Yoon borrowed 100 million won from an acquaintance and remitted it.

Afterwards, Mr. Kim continued to ask for the remaining money, saying, “Please take care of the remaining part.” On January 5, 2018, he said, “I have a meeting with President Moon Jae-in and his wife soon. I’m going to try to share the words of former Mayor Yoon.” And Mayor Yun received an additional 100 million won from the bank on the same day and transferred it to Kim’s mother’s account.

Even after that, Mr. Kim continued to send text messages to Mayor Yoon to the effect that he was ‘working hard on nominations’. ‘I told the party representative yesterday to pay attention to former Mayor Yoon of Gwangju, so please cheer up and take care of the city administration’, ‘Must! Our mayor should be reappointed. I called a competitor and dissuaded him.” To this, Mayor Yoon sent an answer saying, “I want you to hold my hand.”

And on January 25, 2018, Mr. Kim requested an additional 100메이저사이트 million won remittance from Mayor Yoon, saying, “It is the time when the organization needs to move,” and Mayor Yoon said, “I will consider whether it is possible. I received a credit loan from the bank.”

When former Mayor Yoon’s remittance was delayed, Mr. Kim requested remittance several times with text messages such as ‘I will somehow succeed in reappointment’. After Mayor Yoon asked for understanding that the loan would take time, he remitted an additional 50 million won on January 31.

Afterwards, Mr. Kim continued to reassure Mayor Yoon by sending text messages to the effect that ‘the president’s intention is that the candidate who was at the forefront of the Gwangju Mayor’s polls’ fall.’ At the end of March, Mayor Yoon informed Mr. Kim of the specific plan to declare his candidacy, saying, “I ask for help from Mrs. Please be my strength.”

Even after being eliminated from the nomination, a message saying “You will agree to the press conference not to run”

In early April, former Mayor Yun complained to Mr. Kim when he was notified of the ‘exclusion of nominations’ from the Democratic Party’s nomination review committee. In response, Mr. Kim reassured former Mayor Yoon, saying, “The president is concerned, so let’s watch it.”

After deciding not to run after being excluded from the nomination, former Mayor Yoon decided to declare not to run, and the night before the declaration not to run, “I think I will hold a press conference tomorrow. I hope you agree.” Even after Mayor Yoon announced that he would not run, Mr. Kim joked with former Mayor Yoon again, saying, “I think the president has also been abused.”

Mayor Yoon demanded the return of money from Mr. Kim only after the local elections. Even at this time, he did not know that Mr. Kim was impersonating the First Lady. By October of the same year, former Mayor Yoon sent several text messages saying, “I ask for Mrs.

Kim later approached other politicians by deceiving herself as Mrs. Kim Jung-sook, President Moon’s wife. He tried to extort money from the politician in a similar way, but after a phone call, the person who suspected fraud reported to the police and his tail was stepped on. Kim was arrested after an emergency arrest in November 2018. At the time of his arrest, Mr. Kim had spent all the money he received from former Mayor Yoon.

The prosecution arrested and indicted Mr. Kim on charges of fraud, attempted fraud, and obstruction of business, while also handing over Mayor Yoon to trial without detention on charges of violating the Public Official Election Act and obstruction of business. In March 2020, the Supreme Court confirmed a sentence of 5 years and 6 months in prison for Mr. Kim and 1 year in prison and 2 years of probation for Mayor Yoon.

In August of last year, Mayor Yoon filed a lawsuit against Kim for damages after the Supreme Court’s final decision. Mr. Kim did not hire a lawyer for former Mayor Yoon’s lawsuit and responded directly to the lawsuit. He appealed directly after the verdict of the first trial, but the court issued an order to dismiss the appeal and confirmed the verdict.

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