“I hope a chance comes to me… ” KIA’s 28-year-old shortstop is a game-winner, out on the ground, bad luck on defense, and hitting hard

“I waited for a chance to come in my at-bat.”

‘Tigers’ special’ shortstop Park Chan-ho (28) has definitely gained confidence in his hitting and has accumulated experience and skills. His ability to respond to various courses and pitch types has improved without his walls collapsing. For the first time in his career, he will hit .300, appear in every game, and even challenge for the Golden Glove at shortstop. As of the 9th, he ranked 14th in the league and first among shortstops with a WAR of 3.45 based on the baseball statistics site StatTees.

Chan-Ho Park frequently appeared in the highlight of the double header against LG on the 9th. He had a base hit and a stolen base on base, had bad luck on defense (he said it was a mistake), and was wild on offense. He ended up finishing the doubleheader with a batting average of 0.302. He briefly fell short of 30% but recovered.

In any case, to become the best shortstop, you have to wear the title of .300 shortstop 2-3 times. Since his slugging power is lower than that of Oh Ji-hwan (LG), the best shortstop in the KBO League, Park Chan-ho has no choice but to pay more attention to averaging. And he just needs to combine his unique energy level and technique.

For Game 1 of a doubleheader, he hit a double in the first inning and walked out with two outs. In the third inning, he produced an infield hit toward third base with his characteristic quick feet. And in the 8th inning, against Go Woo-seok, he foul-cut a cutter and a four-seam one after another in 2B1S, and then hit a curveball to score a 1-RBI final hit.

The defense of 1st and 2nd bases with 1 out and 1st and 2nd bases in the bottom of the 7th inning with a 5-2 lead was the most dizzying for Park Chan-ho. Hong Chang-gi hit a right-handed hit, second base runner Seong-ju Moon scored early, and KIA right fielder Na Seong-beom threw the ball to third base. However, Park Hae-min is safe. At this time, batter Hong Chang-gi aimed for second base while looking at Na Seong-beom’s throw, and KIA third baseman Chan-ho Park’s throw to second base was also saved.먹튀검증

In KIA, it was shortstop Park Chan-ho who covered second base. He received Kim Do-young’s throw and attempted a tag, but Hong Chang-ki’s movement was a little better. When Park Chan-ho tagged, he momentarily turned his back on the home field, and after the save decision, he momentarily rested slightly. However, Park Hae-min, the runner on third base, saw this and suddenly hit home and scored. In the end, LG’s first and second base runners all went home with one single. In the aftermath, KIA suffered a reversal.

Chan-ho Park said, “We had a disappointing performance in defense, and that led to a situation where we turned the tables, so I wanted to make up for it somehow.” In fact, rather than disappointing Park Chan-ho, Park Hae-min’s sense was innate. Anyway, Park Chan-ho made up for his shortcomings in defense and base running with the winning hit.

However, Chan-Ho Park experienced a similar situation again in the second game of the double header. He produced a bunt hit in the first inning, but failed to steal second base. In the top of the second inning, with one out and runners on first and second base, pitcher Lee Ui-ri made a throwing error. Although Park Chan-ho did not receive the throw, the direction of Lee Ui-ri’s throw itself was difficult for Park Chan-ho to catch.

Afterwards, Chan-Ho Park laid the foundation for a comeback by creating a walk in the 4th inning. Although he did not hit the game-winning hit himself, the pattern of making up for his shortcomings in defense and base running in batting was similar. 1 hit and 1 walk in 4 at-bats. In any case, Park Chan-ho’s energy level on offense and defense was enough to bother LG.

Chan-ho Park said immediately after the first game of the doubleheader, “Because the team was on a winning streak and the losing streak was about to get longer, he thought it was necessary to quickly turn the atmosphere around. “Although I scored the final RBI, I think all the players participated in the game with a sincere heart and everyone played their role well, allowing us to win.”

In addition, Park Chan-ho said, “I waited for a chance to come in my at-bat, and when the chance came, I focused more on my at-bat. Since the opposing pitcher had a good pitch, I attacked with the zone as low as possible. “It was not an easy match, but fortunately, the curves came together and I think we got a good result.”

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