“I only went up to 3rd base at a time” Bokyung Moon storm run, ran to get caught and survived

Desperate instant life, life instant death’, the words left by Admiral Yi Sun-shin became a reality at the baseball field. LG Moon Bo-kyung’s base run was like this.

The LG Twins won 3-1 against the Doosan Bears at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 15th and won two consecutive victories메이저사이트. The pitchers who blocked Doosan’s lineup with one run also made a big success, but it was a difficult game to guarantee victory without Moon Bo-kyung’s two runs.

Moon Bo-kyung hit an RBI double that exceeded the center fielder’s height in the 6th inning with 2 outs and 1st base leading 1-0. He didn’t stop here. When the Doosan fielders sought a home game with a relay play, they ran to third base, and when a throwing error came out, they ran into the home without rest. It was not an inside-the-park home run because it was a score that overlapped with mistakes, but the fact that it was a sprint that made it 3-0 at once was significant.

After the game, Moon Bo-gyeong said about the double hit situation, “I just ran it. It was two out and it was a situation where I couldn’t score with a single hit, so I tried to hit a similar ball with the feeling that I was hitting a strong distance rather than hitting a home run, but I got hit by the bat.” The timing was late at bat, and the hitting point was behind, so this time I turned the ball as soon as I released it with the mindset that I was swinging in front.”

Regarding the process of running to home after batting, “It was two outs, and (Kim) Hyun-soo had to go home first, so even if I got caught (on the rundown) and got caught, (Kim Hyun-soo) was 1 point bigger, so I ran with the thought of taking it. But at that time The relay play was made at home. Again, the ball was missing, but even if I died, I played with the mindset of trying to win at home.”

Moon Bo-gyeong laughed, saying, “It wasn’t easy to run home at once. I’ve only run to the third base in my maximum run so far. So it was a little difficult to run home.”

Maybe in the future we will be able to see Moon Bo-kyung playing on the base more often. Moon Bo-kyung recorded two stolen bases in the match against Lotte on the 13th. In other words, Moon Bo-kyung is no exception to LG’s baseball game. Moon Bo-kyung revealed his ambitious aspirations, saying, “It wasn’t originally my style to steal bases, but it was new to me when I tried it.

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