“I’m glad you showed me your old self” The dignity shown by the returned Ace, the waiting time was worth it

The waiting time was not a waste.

Coach Sang-hyun Cha, who leads GS Caltex, delivered good news ahead of the match against Heungkuk Life Insurance in the 3rd round of the Dodram 2023-23 V-League Women’s Division at Incheon Samsan World Gymnasium on the 20th. It was the news of Ace Kang So-hui’s return. Kang So-hui missed three games after the KGC Ginseng Corporation match on the 3rd due to shoulder pain.

Sohui Kang is the ace of GS Caltex. Kang So-hui has played 10 games this season and is recording 92 points, an attack success rate of 34.43%, and a receiving efficiency of 31.68%. In fact, considering Kang So-hui’s name value and his position in the team, it’s a score that doesn’t suit him. He has only three double-digit scoring matches this season, only two points in the first round against KGC Ginseng Corporation, and had to retire to the warm-up zone in the middle of the game.

However, there is a clear difference between having and not having Kang So-hui. Along with MoMA Basoko Letizia (registered name MoMA), he is a player who should be responsible for the role of the team’s twin gun. In the three games where Kang So-hui was missing, GS Caltex had no choice but to launch an attack method that relied on MoMA. In their last two games, MoMa has scored 40 or more points in both. He only played two games, and his offensive attempts were high with 156.

Also, Kang So-hui’s return at a time when he goes to the top and needs a reversal of the atmosphere is literally a thousand forces. GS Caltex coach Cha Sang-hyun also said, “Kang So-hui is playing today. He trained for about four days, and he said, “He can hit the ball hard.” Even before that, he continued training for basic skills and receiving. He hoped that he would do well since he has been in for a long time.”

As coach Sang-Hyeon Cha wished, So-Hwi Kang broke from the first set. He scored whenever the team needed it. In the first set, both teams scored 7 points, the most, and the attack success rate was 63.64%. In particular, in a 25-25 deuce situation, he scored consecutive goals with attacks, adding strength to the team’s first set victory. His receiving efficiency was also high at 57.14%.

In the second set, Kang So-hui also played a big role. He scored an attack to announce the start of the set at 0-0, and scored a time difference attack at 7-7 with Ahn Hye-jin and perfect breathing. A quick open at 8-8, followed by the first serve ace in the game.

When Kang So-hui exploded, not only Moma but also Moon Ji-yoon and Yoo Seo-yeon survived. Heungkuk Life’s blocker line had no time to care about Moma, Kang So-hui, Yoo Seo-yeon, and Moon Ji-yoon. It exploded here and there. At 21-14, he scored an amazing push. At 22-14, he scored after showing his concentration. Thanks to that, GS Caltex also brought the first and second sets.

In the 3rd set, it was a bit sluggish. Only 1 point in 3 sets. That, too, was a goal from 13-24, when the set game was almost tilted. It was natural that GS Caltex could not take the set because Kang So-hui did not explode.

In the following set, Kang So-hui scored 3 points, including one sub-ace, but could not show her performance in the 1st and 2nd sets. He also showed a shaky appearance in receiving. Naturally, the team also failed to bring the set. 토토사이트

In the 5th set, Kang So-hui showed the attack power that she showed in the 1st and 2nd sets. He showed a decisive performance by scoring consecutive offensive points in 8-4. Kim Yeon-kyung tried to block it by blowing her body, but it was not easy.

Kang So-hui scored 22 points and an attack success rate of 45% that day. He also complied with a receiving efficiency of 40%. It is the first time this season that Kang So-hui scored more than 20 points. Thanks to Kang So-hui’s great performance, GS Caltex also escaped from a three-game losing streak by defeating Heungkuk Life Insurance 3-2.

Director Cha Sang-hyun also praised Kang So-hui’s performance, saying, “It’s fortunate that Kang So-hui showed his old self.”

On this day, GS Caltex won all the sets where Kang So-hui played a big role. If you play the game while remembering the current flow and rhythm, it will definitely be a great help to GS Caltex, which is aiming for a rebound in the rankings from the 4th round.