In the end, ‘Team’, watching the championship finale of Korea Expressway Corporation

Women’s volleyball, which has emerged as a sport representing winter, is receiving great attention from the public. For a better future and leap forward, KBSN commentator Han Yu-mi talks about her own thoughts on volleyball. Let’s look at women’s volleyball in a variety of ways from the perspective of a legend who has been with us since the launch of the V-League. <Editor’s note>

5th or 6th place. Before the start of the season, the YouTube channel predicted Korea Expressway Corporation’s ranking like this. Compared to last season, the power was not greatly strengthened, and the skill of foreign players was also questioned, so the lower ranks seemed to be strong. I honestly thought the possibility of reaching spring volleyball was low.

Such Korea Expressway Corporation became the main character of the season. As the Korea Expressway Corporation relayed the game in which the championship trophy was lifted, my heart was filled with excitement. It was a great match that made it impossible to hide the excitement throughout the game. I still feel that feeling vividly to this day.

Watching Korea Expressway Corporation win, I think about the power of ‘team’ once again. In fact, while broadcasting the game, I thought that Heungkuk Life Insurance would win in the end. Since there is an excellent player named Kim Yeon-kyung, and Yelena was also a good match, Heungkuk Life Insurance, which is ahead in personal firepower, saw an advantage.

But my prediction was wrong. Korea Expressway Corporation showed how to overcome the ‘individual’ skills with the power of a team.

Considering the 3rd to 5th games of the championship match, there was not a single player who was not good at Korea Expressway Corporation. It certainly confirmed that veterans are important no matter how big the game is.

Park Jung-ah showed the appearance of scoring at important moments throughout the series, just like in the Olympics. I think the reason is ‘equilibrium온라인카지노‘.

Heungkuk Life Insurance players felt like riding a roller coaster during the game. I saw that the range of emotions fluctuated greatly, joy and joy at each score.

Korea Expressway Corporation, especially Park Jung-ah, was different. Even if he scored, his unique expression stood out as he sighed heavily and calmly prepared for the next game. In a game like this, the team that calmly leads the game without getting excited will eventually be ahead at the crucial moment. Park Jung-ah is such a powerful player.

Bae Yoo-na played an active role worthy of the best 7 of the season. He was the center of the team in every way, including blocking and scoring. Like Yang Hyo-jin of Hyundai Engineering & Construction, he showed the ability to act as a solver in difficult moments.

I want to pay homage to my friend and her friend Daeyoung Jeong. That day, too, I gave Daeyoung a thumbs up saying, “You are really great.” It’s just amazing to be able to play like that at that age.

Libero Im Myung-ok showed the skills of a ‘gosu’. The defensive fight against Heungkuk Life’s Kim Hae-ran was really worth seeing. It was fun to watch because the two players had very different styles. The beauty of women’s volleyball lies in defense. I think Im Myung-ok’s presence plays a big part in Korea Expressway Corporation’s victory. In addition, Moon Jung-won also contributed to his performance by scoring more than expected.

Foreign player Catbell was also a positive character who added vitality to the team. I think it was more helpful because he was a player who brightened not only his skills but also the relatively calm atmosphere of the team. It seems that the choice of the Korea Expressway Corporation and coach Kim Jong-min, who replaced the right player at the right time, eventually became the turning point of the championship. Without this decision, the present results would not have come out.

Lee Yoon-jeong, the only player in her 20s, thinks she did her part in her first championship match. I would like to congratulate Lee Yoon-jung, who overcame psychological pressure and became the winning setter.

Looking at the players of Heungkuk Life Insurance after the 5th game ended, I thought it was great to have come this far. In particular, I felt the strength of Kim Yeon-kyung, who led the team.

In fact, I think Heungkuk Life Insurance is a team that cannot be a championship candidate without Kim Yeon-kyung. It is undeniable that the power of the rest of the players is definitely falling. I came to the threshold of winning with my individual skills, but in the end I was pushed back in a team-to-team battle.

I applaud Korea Expressway Corporation for proving the value of the team.

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