Incheon, ‘Rookie 8’ storm blood transfusion in preparation for ACL…”Thick squad”

Incheon United, which advances to the Asian Champions League (ACL), has transfused young blood ahead of the new season.

Incheon’s U-18 youth team Kim Se-hoon (18) from Daegeon High School, Kim Gun-hee (20), Kim Hyun-seo (18), Park Seung-ho (19), Park Jin-hong (18), Lim Hyung-jin (21), Choi Woo-jin (18), Ha Dong-seon (18), etc. It was announced on the 14th that it recruited 8 new players.

Kim Se-hoon (178cm, 70kg) boasts multiplayer abilities, although his main position is an attacking midfielder. He also has strong fundamentals, a lot of activity, and kicks.

Kim Kun-hee (192 cm, 84 kg) joined Incheon while attending Jung-kyung High School and a sophomore at Jangan University. Her strong point is her ability to deliver and defensive reading using her tall height. She’s also good with her feet and looks like she’ll help her team in her defensive build-up. She is a next-generation defensive prospect whose talent is recognized enough to be selected for the Korean Olympic team.

Kim Hyeon-seo (174cm, 66kg), from Jinwi FC in Pyeongtaek, boasts off pressure based on his quick feet, and has strengths in linking with his teammates and amount of activity. He swept various high school competition awards as a member of Pyeongtaek Jinwi, including the 2022 Presidential Cup Attack Award and the 2021 Mu-Term National Championship Best Young Player Award.

Yongin Soccer Center U-18 Deok-yeong and Dankook University graduate Park Seung-ho (180cm, 72kg) are the next-generation offensive prospects from the Korean U-20 national team. His strength is his strong shooting, goal-making ability, activity level and movement. He was in the limelight by winning various awards in the high school competition, such as the 2021 Blue Dragon Flag Scorer and the 2020 Geumgang Daegi Young Player Award. In the 2022 College Football U-League King of the Kings final, he recorded a hat trick, led the team to the championship, and won the tournament’s top scorer.

Midfielder Park Jin-hong (183cm, 75kg) is a talent who won the best player award by leading the team to win the 2022 weekend league after going to Boin High School through Masan Central Middle School in Gyeongnam. He is a multi-player who can play in all areas of midfield, and his strengths include ball management, passing, vision and strong pressing.

Lim Hyung-jin (190cm, 83kg) is a defensive prospect with strengths in air power and build-up based on his tall height. He joined Incheon while attending Dongguk University. He led Dongguk University to win the University Football Federation twice (Spring and Fall) in 2020, was selected as the Korean representative for the 2022 Korea-Japan University Football Regular Match (Denso Cup), and was also selected for the Olympic team. 토토사이트

Another Choi Woo-jin (175cm, 66kg) from Pyeongtaek Jinwi FC is a resource on the left flank. As a member of Pyeongtaek Jinwi FC, he led the team to victory by winning the Offensive Award at the 2022 National High King King Match. His speed, soccer sense, reckless forward ability, and ability to read the game are his strengths, and he is evaluated to be an addition to his team’s offensive power.

Ha Dong-seon (181cm, 75kg) from Pohang Steelers U-12 Pocheoldong Elementary School is a striker with strength in side solo play and release of pressure based on solid fundamentals and physicality. He is a ‘hexagonal’ striker who has good technique and is good at ball possession and link play. From 2020 to 2022, he played in the national tournament as a member of Daegu Gachang FC, scoring 30 goals and 10 assists.

An official from Incheon said, “As new blood was transfused in preparation for the Asian Champions League, we can expect a thicker squad and wider U-22 resource options.”

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