“Is it a windfall or a nuisance?” An American family found one million pennies while cleaning the house

The story of a family who found a pile of one penny coins that안전놀이터 had been kept secret for decades while cleaning a house in the United States is a hot topic.

The Reyes family, who live in California, USA, found dozens of bank sacks full of one-penny coins in a narrow space in the basement while cleaning the house of an adult father-in-law who passed away last year.

Families who could not count the coins individually confirmed that the number of coins was at least 1 million based on the amount and weight written on the sack.

Looking at it this way, it seems like an unexpected windfall, but now these coins have become an intractable nuisance to the Reyes family.

I tried to exchange all the coins for bills, but there was a huge fee, and the banks were reluctant to take them, saying there was no space to store this huge amount of coins.

The family is then looking for a new owner for the coins on a second-hand trading site for rare coins, considering that these coins are copper coins from before the US government converted the penny to zinc in 1982.

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