“Is LeBron retiring? He said he played until he was 45” Future plans from an aide

 “LeBron says he will play until he is 45 and retire.”

According to a local media SI (Sports Illustrated) report on the 12th (Korean time), Los Angeles Lakers guard Dennis Schroeder (29, 185cm) revealed a conversation he had with LeBron James (37, 206cm).

LeBron is still playing the court 20 years after being selected first overall in the 2003 NBA Draft. He built a brilliant career, winning four championships with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers.

He has played 1385 games in total and played 52821 minutes, but he is still maintaining a high level of performance. However, considering his age and career, it is also true that the time to think about the word ‘end’ is gradually coming.

When LeBron’s colleague Schroeder was asked about the timing of LeBron’s retirement, he shared a private conversation with him, relieving fans’ curiosity to some extent.

“I asked Lebron how much more he wanted to play,” Schroeder said. 토토

It is difficult to classify it as an official announcement because it is not an issue that has been publicly mentioned in the media. However, since it is a story he personally conveyed to his colleague, it can be seen as quite high in terms of sincerity.

It seems more or less clear that LeBron wants to play until he’s 45. Considering the durability he’s shown throughout his career, this isn’t an impossible scenario.

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