“It collapsed before it even came on…” Delete all 5 outs, ‘Guardian’ grows

 “This season, I thought not to repeat the mistake.”

Lim Ji-min (19, NC Dinos) joined NC in the 2nd 5th round (50th overall) of the 2022 rookie draft. Having played catcher 토스카지노and pitcher in high school, he took a full-fledged growth course as a pitcher in NC, and played an active part with an average ERA of 1.55 with 1 win, 2 losses and 10 saves in 31 games last year.

Having established himself as a ‘Future’s Closer’, he firmly cracked down on the back door this season with 3 saves and an average ERA of 2.51 in 14 games. In the match against Goyang Heroes on the 16th, he showed off his spirit by striking out all out counts in 1⅔ innings.

After the game, Lim Ji-min said through the club’s Future Team SNS, “I’m in good condition recently. (Today’s game) I took over the mound in the presence of runners, and it was good that I threw it aggressively thinking that I would give all the points.”

After living in the Futures League for a year, he has perfected his adaptation. Lim Ji-min said, “Last year, I tried to throw with too much force. This year, I thought about various things on the mound, pitched, and practiced, so I seem to have a little more room.”

At the same time, his regrets were further supplemented. Most of all, I developed a lot of guts on the mound. Lim Ji-min said, “Additionally, in situations where the score was tight last season, there were many cases where I collapsed before I even got close to the opponent.

My goal is to be a finishing pitcher in the first team. He said, “This season, my goal is to not get sick unconditionally and to perform well as a finishing pitcher who goes up to the end of the C team. If I keep that part well, a bigger opportunity will come to me.”

In addition, he said, “I thought that it was a little difficult when playing the game because the pitchers of our team C have a lot of injuries.

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