“It’s good to take a bite” Sexual harassment of meeting women… Prestigious university student single talk shock

It was revealed that male students at a university in Seoul made sexually harassing remarks about female students who had a meeting in a group chat room메이저사이트.

On the 14th, a post titled ‘I accuse 4 male students’ was posted on the ‘Everytime’ bulletin board of A University’s community.

Author B, who identified himself as a student at University A, claimed that his 20-year-old sister was sexually harassed by four male students at University A.

According to Mr. B, female students from other universities, including Mr. B’s younger sister, had a 4-4 meeting with the male students in question at the end of April.

The chat conversation in question took place after the meeting. Mr. B said, “A week after the meeting, my younger brother had an after-hour (meeting later) with one of the male students, but he came home crying two hours before the last train stopped.” I sent a capture copy,” he said.

Mr. B looked at the captured copy and said, “It was a shock itself to the extent that my hands trembled. They were harassing the girls they had meetings with, exchanging vulgar words.”

Looking at the chat room capture photos released by Mr. B, the male students said, “Let’s eat everything” “It’s good to have a bite” “The body is nice” “If you give it to me once, you feel it” “I don’t feel it even if you give it to me” Isn’t it?” etc. continued.

And that’s not all. Mr. B said that her male students made it a habit to evaluate their brother’s appearance in the chat room and posted their personal information and photos without permission.

Mr. B said, “When I asked my younger brother how he got this captured copy, he said that the male student I met at After chatted without covering his cell phone, so (my younger brother) came to see it.” I received it and captured the contents,” he added.

Mr. B complained of suffering, saying, “Me, my younger sister, and the female students who went to meetings with me are suffering from the pain of thinking about the contents of the group chat room every day.”

As the article spread through the community, the male student side posted an apology on Everytime, saying, “I sincerely apologize to those who may have been hurt by our wrong actions.”

They said, “I didn’t feel much of a problem about sharing such stories (obscene conversations, etc.). I did what I used to do in my immature days without much thought, and after the contents of the conversation were revealed, I felt very ashamed,” he said.

The male student side continued to explain, “I am sorry and I want to clear up some misunderstandings.”

First, some inappropriate conversations were not directed at meeting female students. “The video shared in the group chat room is not related to the meeting party, but simply shared a link to an adult video.”

He also denied the allegation that “didn’t he leave after with impure intentions?” They added, “The male student went out with the intention of wanting to have a serious drinking battle (betting on who will drink better) with the female student.”

They just apologized again, saying, “I sincerely apologize for the fact that I said something vulgar in nature and for the appearance of not reflecting after enjoying the festival after that,” as if conscious of the criticism. Finally, “I thought it would have been explained by apologizing several times for misunderstandings from the meeting partners, and there was no reply, so I hastily judged that I had been forgiven. I apologize once again for making arrogant judgments and acting carelessly.”

Regarding this case, Mr. B filed a complaint with the police on the 11th. It is said that he also submitted a police report to the human rights center on campus.

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