“I’ve got a comeback” fearless special rookie, wanted to catch the national team [WBC]

 “I got a bad feeling when I went up on the mound to catch an outcount.”

KIA Tigers Yoon Young-cheol scrambled as the team’s second pitcher in a practice game against the Korean baseball team held at Kino Veteran Memorial Stadium in Tucson, Arizona on the 20th (hereinafter Korean time).

In the top of the 3rd inning, Yoon Young-cheol gave up a left-handed double to Kang Baek-ho, then blocked Park Kun-woo with a floating ball to center fielder. Afterwards, he handled Oh Ji-hwan’s ground ball directly, but after a full count match with Kim Hye-sung, he got 1 RBI and 2 bases and was hit.

Even in the top of the 4th inning, Yoon Young-cheol, who was on the mound, blocked lead batter Yang Eui-ji with a fly ball to left fielder, but allowed consecutive hits to Choi Jeong and Kim Hyeon-soo. In the crisis of 1st, 1st and 3rd base, Yun Young-cheol dedicated a sacrifice fly RBI to Park Byeong-ho, and a run was added.

Yoon Young-chul’s performance was 2 innings,메이저놀이터 4 hits, 2 runs without a walk. Although he conceded a goal, he bravely threw the ball against the national team line-up. Even that day’s game was the first real game in which rookie Yoon Young-chul took the mound wearing a KIA uniform.

After the game, Yoon Young-cheol expressed his feelings, saying, “It was his first actual appearance after his professional debut, so I was very nervous, but Han Seung-taek gave a good lead, so I was able to throw comfortably.”

Lee Jung-hoo, Kang Baek-ho, Yang Eui-ji, Choi Jeong, and Kim Hyun-soo faced hitters representing the league. Yoon Young-cheol said, “At first, I looked at the lineup and thought, ‘How should I deal with it?’

Yoon Young-chul, who was nominated by the KIA as the second overall pick in the first round of the 2023 KBO draft, is still an unfamiliar name to fans. What are the strengths you can claim for yourself? Yoon Young-chul said, “I think there are strengths in terms of control, the ability to use breaking balls, and mentally,” but pointed out the points to make up for, saying, “Today, it is regrettable that the first pitch strike rate was low.”

‘Super Rookie’ Yoon Young-cheol is one of the 5 starting candidates. He did not hide his desire to be a starting pitcher. Yoon Young-chul said, “If given the opportunity, I really want to be a starting pitcher. If I go around the starting rotation, I want to increase the number of wins little by little.” I think it’s important,” he said, revealing his aspirations.

Lastly, Yoon Young-cheol expressed his feelings to the fans who gave him a lot of support, saying, “I joined after receiving a lot of support, but I will prepare well so as not to disappoint the fans. Thank you for your support.”

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