Jang In-seok Donga Swimming MVP… Park Seong-woong and Choi Yong-jin 5 crowns

Jang In-seok (22, Armed Forces Sports Corps)메이저사이트 was selected as the MVP of the 95th Dong-A Swimming Competition.

Jang In-seok teamed up with Park Seong-woong (25), Choi Yong-jin (21), and Park Jong-hee (22, Republic of Korea Army Sports Corps) in the men’s general relay 800m final on the last day of the competition held at the Gimcheon Indoor Swimming Pool in Gyeongbuk on the 5th, and won with a time of 7:38:59. went up Jang In-seok set his first tournament record with a time of 52.76 in the men’s general 100m butterfly on the 3rd, and was selected as the MVP after winning four tournaments. Jang In-seok said, “It is the first time that we have won the tournament MVP award and set a new record in the tournament. Military life seems to have helped improve my skills. During the rest of his military career, he will work hard to shorten his record even further.”

Park Seong-woong and Choi Yong-jin each won gold medals in 3 team events and 2 individual events, including the 800m relay, on the same day, winning five gold medals, the most at this event. Choi Eun-woo (11, Naebalsan Elementary School, 5, Seoul), who won the 50m and 100m men’s breaststroke last year, also won the 50m and 100m breaststroke in the elementary school against his 6th grade brothers and won two gold medals.

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