Japan biased judgment → defeat in Korea-Japan war… Pro wrestler Kim Soo-bin and Jung Ha-min lost before returning

Pro wrestlers Kim Soo-bin (37, Land’s end) and Jung Ha-min (36, Land’s end)’s efforts for the past two years were in vain. It is because of the foul play of Japanese players and the biased judgment of the referee.

On the 11th, Soobin Kim and Hamin Jung lost against Ohtani and Raiden at the ‘2022 Osaka hosted by A-team’ held at Corega Studio in Osaka, Japan.

This match was the first comeback between the two players in two years. Kim Soo-bin and Jung Ha-min had to suffer the pain of losing the opportunity to stand in the ring when their group was disbanded in the aftermath of Corona 19 last year.

The two fighters, who had been waiting for the opportunity to step into the ring, entered the match with more determination than ever before. Before the match, Kim Soo-bin said, “I will pour out everything in this game.”

As the match began, the two players covered the last void with brilliant skills. Kim Soo-bin received all of Ohtani’s attacks in the early high spot battle and landed a front drop kick to the chest. When Otani, embarrassed, cornered Kim Soo-bin, he jumped over with an up-and-down and attacked with a springboard sunset flip followed by a knee kick.

Jung Ha-min, who was tagged by Kim Soo-bin, also pressed the opponent with stronger power than before. Raiden was lifted and matched with a body slam, grabbed by the neck and threw it into the corner of the ring. When Jung Ha-min’s powerful corner raeliette hit, Raiden collapsed to the floor, unable to use any power.

Raiden and Ohtani, who were helpless at the momentum of the Korean players, broke the flow with a foul. Raiden, who was struggling with Jeong Ha-min’s submission attack, got out of the technique with a Loblo foul. When Jeong Ha-min struggled with an unexpected foul, Ohtani and Raiden’s joint attack continued. In a tag team match, the two fighters had only 10 seconds to attack in the ring, but the referee’s count, which was like a knife to Jung Ha-min and Kim Soo-bin, was especially leisurely for the Japanese players.

The foul play by the Japanese players continued. Kim Soo-bin, who managed to regain her flow, succeeded in the ‘Shiranui Final Cut’ and climbed the third rope, but Ohtani, who did not tag, interfered with Kim Soo-bin. In the meantime, Raiden, who had regained his physical strength, avoided Kim Soo-bin’s 450-degree splash.

Raiden and Ohtani once again launched a joint attack on Kim Soo-bin, who was shocked by falling from the third rope. The referee left the main building alone and gave the Japanese players plenty of time. In the end, Raiden’s Tiger Driver hit Subin Kim. The match ended with the referee’s quick three count.

It was a win against Japan and Korea, but the crowd was quiet. There were many foul play that even the Japanese audience could not understand. Rather, the crowd cheered and applauded Kim Soo-bin and Jung Ha-min as they left the stadium as losers. 토토사이트

Kim Soo-bin, who lost the victory due to the opponent’s foul play, said after the match, “I don’t dwell on the result. Sorry but he can’t help it. I think Ohtani and Raiden fought smarter,” he revealed.

“We played more than we had and won the match. Rather, I was happy that several student fans asked for photos and autographs after the game. The audience also said, ‘I didn’t know Korean professional wrestling was so strong’. Satisfied enough. I don’t care about the outcome,” he added.

Jung Ha-min also said, “I have regrets, but I can’t help it. I decided not to regret it anymore. There is a greater sense of relief that the game was successfully completed after a long time. I was moved by the fact that there was more support from Korea even though the match was held in Japan. I am very grateful to the audience who came to the scene,” he said.

Kim Soo-bin and Jung Ha-min are planning to start full-fledged activities starting with this game. He asked for support from pro wrestling fans, saying that he wants to compete in as many matches as possible in the future.

Kim Soo-bin said, “Thanks to the support of the few but precious fans, we were able to finish the match safely. Thanks to the performance of this game, more games are ahead in the new year. I want to repay everyone for their support with a good match,” he expressed his gratitude.

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