Joonil Kim… , Will it regain the forgotten reputation of ‘Lee Seung-hyun’s rival’?

‘A player who was always sure of his offensive power’ This is an evaluation of Kim Jun-il (30‧201cm), a native big man who is being reborn as the core power of Changwon LG this season. He has often been pointed out in other areas, but he has been praised for being good at attacking. As if to prove this, he played 16 minutes and 17 seconds in 43 games this season, averaging 8.70 points. He is a key player in the team’s offense with 1.70 assists and 3.37 rebounds per game.

It is an analysis that he is very cost-effective and is performing like Altoran, given the time he spends on business trips. There are many reasons why LG is recording better than expected this season. Above all, while ‘Prince of Egypt’ Asem Marey (30‧206cm) is still in good health, Dante Cunningham (35‧203cm) is playing a big role as a second option that is not envious of the first option.

Marey is still averaging 15.02 points, 2 assists메이저사이트, 12.35 rebounds and 1.85 steals in 46 games and is still serving as a reliable pillar for the Falcons this season. In the case of Cunningham, as a 2-option foreign player, the business trip time is not long, but he does his part every time he comes out. He averaged 15 minutes and 21 seconds in 46 games, averaging 8.76 points, 1.07 assists, 5.37 rebounds, 0.91 steals, and 0.85 blocked shots.

As proof of this, the field goal success rate is also maintained at over 50% (52.70%, 12th overall). Despite his considerable age in his mid-30s, his dunk and block shots are excellent with his unique elasticity and mobility. Like a veteran, he has a good eye for reading passes, so he makes direct steals, takes over a ball intercepted by a colleague and directly connects it with a dunk shot, or actively tries a block shot from under the goal, putting pressure on the opposing team to break through.

With two foreign players doing their part, LG is playing so-called depth basketball based on a thick player base, and Kim Jun-il has a considerable stake in it. In order for depth basketball to work properly, the amount of players with immediate sense of power is important, but it can be more powerful when players of various styles are lined up. This is because more flexible tactics can be operated.

In that respect, Kim Jun-il is one of the great cards. This is because he can set the record of a decent native player even while playing for a short time. Kim Jun-il’s playing time is similar to Cunningham, a foreign player with 2 options, but his performance is not much different. Of course, if you look at detailed factors such as defense and physical struggle, he will not be able to exceed Cunningham’s contribution, but the fact that he is making a record that is close to the number is just amazing.

Some compare Kim Jun-il’s performance to “suddenly popping out”, but this is not true. He is far from the Cinderella-type player who appeared out of nowhere. He was originally a talented and good player, but he fell short of expectations.

Although his name is not often mentioned in the list of good native big men due to frequent injuries and last season’s suspension, Kim Joon-il’s scoring production has been recognized since his rookie days. In his first season, he averaged 13.84 points, 1.73 assists and 4.35 ppg in 51 games, proving that he was a promising cotyledon. As much as the word ‘Kim Jun-il of attack, Lee Seung-hyun of defense’ came out during his college days, he had a rivalry with Lee Seung-hyun. 

Many people hoped that Kim Joon-il and Lee Seung-hyun would grow into big men representing KBL side by side, walking ahead and behind. Of course, there are few opinions that see the two as rivals now. A healthy Kim Jun-il was a powerful enough player, but there is a big reason Lee Seung-hyun did so well. Surprisingly, despite the fact that it seems to fall far short of the name value at the time, the difference between Lee Seung-hyun and Lee Seung-hyun is not large in terms of records.

Lee Seung-hyun has played 344 games in his career so far, averaging 11.39 points, 2.41 assists, 5.80 rebounds and 0.96 steals. Kim Jun-il is also not far behind with 10.56 points, 1.50 assists, 4.22 rebounds and 0.61 steals in 285 games. Considering that he is about 10 minutes behind the average playing time (Lee Seung-hyun 33 minutes 3 seconds, Kim Jun-il 23 minutes 28 seconds), there are parts where Kim Jun-il’s dignity is felt. The field goal success rate is also higher than that of Kim Jun-il.

Of course, Lee Seung-hyun is the type of housekeeper who focuses more on dirty work such as defense rather than offense, and is currently the best blue worker in KBL with no record. However, now that the gap with Lee Seung-hyun has widened significantly, it is enough to see that Kim Joon-il can catch up to this level, even from the external record.

Kim Jun-il is a bit different from the general big man. There is much to be desired in terms of control under the goal and defense that many people want from a big man. When defending, he is criticized for his aggressiveness and understanding, and it is evaluated that his BQ is not good. Still, his 8 career seasons with 3 double-digit scoring seasons and 3 9-point seasons prove that he has a clear advantage on offense.

Kim Jun-il’s offensive options are very diverse. He has decent mobility and ball handling ability for a big man, so if he finds a gap, he jumps right in and makes a face-up attack. He doesn’t throw 3-point shots well, but he puts his middle shots well regardless of distance. Turnaround jump shot is one of his specialties, and he is also good at hook shots from near the goal.

He is strong enough not to be pushed back even in physical fights with foreign players, so he does not easily lose his balance even if a collision occurs near the post. With such advantages, it currently ranks 6th in field goal success rate (56.23%). It is not much different from Ha Yoon-gi (58.39%) in first place and Lenard Freeman (57.86%) in second place. He is evaluated to be improving in the defensive part this season as well. Let’s pay attention to whether Kim Joon-il, who is spreading the wings of resurrection with a more mature figure, can regain his old reputation as Lee Seung-hyun’s rival.

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