Jung Yoo-jeong, who walked lightly after her murder…turned out to be

A criminologist has diagnosed Jung Yoo-jeong, 23, with “borderline personality disorder” after she allegedly murdered a woman she met through a tutoring app and mutilated and disposed of her body.

Closed-circuit (CC) TV footage shows that shortly안전놀이터 after the murder, Jeong walked nonchalantly while dragging a suitcase for the body. There was no sign of anxiety or mental agitation.

Jung Yoo-jeong walks calmly while dragging a suitcase (carrier) shortly after the murder. [Image source=KBS News Capture].

Lee Soo-jeong, a professor of criminal psychology at Kyungpook National University, appeared on YTN’s “Newswide” on Wednesday and said that the video shows a glimpse of “personality disorder factors.

“It’s very possible that it’s another version of Jung Yoo-jeong (apologizing to the bereaved family),” Lee said, analyzing that “her steps are very light, and she’s trying very hard to achieve the action she’s aiming for.”

“The problem is that this is after the murder has already taken place, so it’s a very uncharacteristically cheerful look,” he said, noting that “when a normal person, even a criminal, kills someone, they’re very panicked and scared, wondering ‘what to do about it,’ and this doesn’t show that fear or panic.”

[Image source=Yahoo!]

“I think the prosecution will probably do a psychological analysis at a later date,” Lee said, adding, “It’s a very unique scene that leads me to believe that there’s something called ‘borderline personality disorder,’ which is a little bit different than just ‘psychopath,’ and that there are some personality disorder factors.”

Lee also mentioned “stealing the victim’s identity” as a possible motive. “(The victim) was a popular tutor online, and I think she was trying to steal her identity as a way to overcome her handicap,” Lee told MBC.

Jeong was arrested on March 29 for murder (murder) on March 26, when she went to A’s house in her school uniform at 5:30 p.m., killed her with a weapon, mutilated her body, and dumped parts of it along the Nakdong River.

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